Vapor Storm Steam Cleaner Reviews

Vapor Storm Steam Cleaner Review

The Vapor Storm Steam Cleaner is no longer available
since it has been
discontinued by the manufacturer.


The Vapor Storm Steam Cleaner was created by a company called Steam Cleaner Plus who are also the manufacturers of other brands like Steam Titan, Steam Vortex and Steam Dart.

This vapor cleaner is an elite steam cleaning machine/ vacuum that is capable of cleaning your carpet, floor, screen and a host of other surfaces.


The VaporStorm steam cleaner is guaranteed to eradicate mold, bacteria, germs, dustmites and allergens. It can be bought online and comes with a 30 day no risk or money back guarantee.

There are many features that make this cleaner quite appealing. Among these is the onboard tool storage integration so that all of the tools and attachments can be easily stored out of sight but easily accessible.

It offers 1500 Watts of power with 50 minutes or more of cleaning time depending on your steam release settings. The boiler is made of stainless steel and the tank’s capacity is 1.5 liters. The temperature of the steam can reach up to 215 degrees Fahrenheit and the pressure up to 65 psi.

You are also able to adjust the output of the steam as well as “lock” it on a particular setting for a continuous flow. With all of these features one might think it is awfully heavy however, at 12 lbs it is hardly so.

The vapor storm steam cleaner comes with many attachments. These include:

• 2 Extension Wands

• 1 Bristled Floor Brush for deep cleaning: This floor brush comes with 10 steam jets which is able to target and concentrate steam where it is needed the most. This brush can be used in combination with the floor cloth to clean a wide range of surfaces.

• 1 Cloth for the floor: These are not normal terry cloth floor pads, but are specially designed to trap and lift dirt from the floor. This cloth can be used to clean mattresses, floors, walls and anything else you have in mind. They are also machine washable for reuse.

• 1 Squeegee

• 2 Extension Tool adaptors

• 1 High pressure nozzle

• 1 Detail Round Brush and 1 round brush for scrubbing

• 1 Funnel

• 1 Measuring Cup

VaporStorm steam cleaning is guaranteed with a 2 year limited warranty on the boiler and electrical parts. This steamer can be yours for $250 – $299 which is a bit more expensive than other steam cleaners.

However, when we compare VaporStorm to other steamers you can see why this is an excellent choice. In comparison to the Shark Steam Pro, the VaporStorm outclasses this cleaner by offering a 30 day or money back product guarantee as well as free shipping, the ability to offer pressurized steam, shorter start up time and free attachments.

When the VaporStorm is compared to the Eureka 370 steam cleaner, the VaporStorm offers 5 more attachments, 20-30 minutes more steam cleaning time, free shipping and money back guarantee.

The only category where the Eureka 370 beats the VaporStorm is in the cost category where it is available for $159.

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