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Tylo Sauna Heater Reviews: The Quest To Find The Best Sauna Heater

Tylo Sauna Heater Reviews:

The Quest To Find The Best Sauna Heater

Why should you choose a Tylo sauna heater over another brand? Because it is the best!

The sauna is the heart of every steam sauna kit – so make sure to buy the best. We also briefly look at Tylo sauna heater parts and accessories.

The Brand “Tylo” is associated with some of the best sauna heaters in the market. Tylö’s heaters are of the highest quality and are widely respected for their unique features.

Tylo Sauna Heater


There are many reasons why Tylo saunas are superior and we will dive into them in a bit. But first, we shall share some history of this company.

Brief History Of Tylo

The beginnings of many great companies are usually humble and such is the case of Tylo. This company was founded by a man named Sven-Olof Jansson who was an electrican.

Jansson was a very ambitious and innovative thinker and when he was challenged by a local businessman to build a cheaper and better sauna – he did exactly that and more.

He proceeded to improve the technology of the sauna’s heating element and has moved from breakthrough to breakthrough.

He then expanded to improving and working on the entire sauna which has lead them to become market leaders in the production of quality saunas, steam rooms, steam sauna kits, sauna stoves and heaters and other parts and accessories.


Features of The Tylo Sauna Heater:

As previously stated, Tylo heaters are of the highest quality and make. There are many factors that make them among the best heaters to use in your sauna. These include:

  • Being Simply the Best.

    Tylo is the only company that manufactures its own heaters for its saunas. This tells you that this company knows exactly what it’s doing. Fortunately, you don’t have to take my word for it as Tylo is widely recognized for creating heaters of the highest quality with the longest life. A heater is the heart and soul of a sauna – and Tylo is a company that truly delivers.

  • Fast Heat up Time + Low Energy Consumption.

    Interestingly, Tylo’s heaters are extremely energy efficient and effective. They also allow saunas to heat up much faster than other saunas because the twin side chambers basically maximize the flow of air while minimizing energy consumption.

  • Even heating and even temperatures.

    Most other heaters don’t heat evenly i.e. there are many drops which are sometimes sharply readjusted to higher temperatures. This occurs because other heaters turn off when the temperature in the sauna reaches a high point. Then, when the temperature drops too low, they switch back on which causes the temperature to rise and fall abruptly. Tylo heaters offer a more consistent temperature because they have a divided output which generates more consistent and overall higher temperatures.

  • Safety Features.

    You don’t have to worry about being burnt by accidentally touching the heater as each Tylo sauna heater has a Thermosafe covering which has a low surface temperature (about 40 degrees)

Tylo has many different types and models of heaters, but how do you determine the one that you need?

How To Choose A Heater:

In order to decide on the specific heater that you need, you first need to know the size and volume of the space inside of your sauna.

A guide you can follow:

Volume of the Room/ Cubic room size Size of Heater (Watts)
50-100 ft 3000
100-150 ft 4000
150-250 ft 5000
250-300 ft 6000
300-370 ft 7500
360-450 ft 9000

Note that the guidelines below also take into consideration that the minimum height of the ceiling is 78 inches and Voltage is at 240 V.

With these guidelines in mind you also have to keep in mind that if the walls of your sauna are made out of dense materials like concrete or tiles then you will require a heater with a slightly higher output.

A rough guide is to add 1 cubic meter of volume to 1 square meter of dense material.


Tylo Sauna Guidelines and Models

175-320 5.3 KW/ 208 V/ 26 A Deluxe 7 Tylo Sauna Room Heater $1,676
175-320 7 kW / 240 V / 30 amps SE-U7 Tylo heater $1,482
275-440 8.3 kW / 240 V / 35 amps Deluxe 8 Tylo Heater $1,907
275-440 1 Phase/ 6.3 KW/ 208 V/ 30A SE-U8 Tylo Heater $1,559
120 maximum 240v/ 2.3 – 4.6 kw/ 10 – 20 amps SPORT-U2/4 Sauna Stove Heater $989

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