Thermax Carpet Cleaners:

Thermax Carpet Cleaner Reviews

A review of thermax carpet cleaners and a close look at their Thermax carpet cleaner rental offerings.

Thermax Carpet Cleaners

Who is Thermax?

Thermax is a full service steam cleaner rental dealer. They specialize in renting their specialized steam cleaners for both home and industrial use. They have also made their units available for purchase and provide support and parts.

Thermax offers competitive rental rates where you can get a steam cleaner for as little as  $12 for 24 hours. Their locations include Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, North and South Dakota.

The Thermax system of cleaning is different in comparison to other steam cleaners because their systems offer an exclusive heating element. This element ensures that the steam and water is kept at exact temperatures for concise and controlled cleaning.

Their system also includes a deep draw vacuum when used in combination with their patented cleaning solutions, is capable of the toughest cleaning jobs.

The Thermax units are not bulky and heavy like other steam cleaner rental units. They are relatively lightweight and can fit in your car trunk and can be easily transported up a staircase.

Thermax Carpet Cleaners: Models Available

There are four main models that are available; three are commercial and one is for residential or home use.

The Thermax AF

Termax AF Carpet Cleaner

This model is meant for home use. Some of the features include:

• Extremely efficient filtration system. It has a 2 stage filter system which has been independently tested in 3 different laboratories.

• Proven to be 99.99% efficient and effective in trapping dust, dirt and allergens.

• Retractable power cord which makes for easier storage.

• It is also a powerful water extraction system which enables you to deep clean your carpets.

• Durable and chemical resistant outer housing

• Numerous accessories included such as the multi option wand and hose accessories

• 115 Volts, 11.5 amps

Consumer reviews of this product indicate that it is a very efficient cleaner that works as intended. Some found that it was a bit too bulky.

They enjoyed the fact that they never had to worry about dust flying out as you cleaned… the water filtration resolved this issue. You can clean without worrying about cleaning again ;)

This Thermax’s filtration system has proven to be better than the HEPA filtration commonly offered in other vacuums and steam cleaners.

Thermax’s Commercial Offerings

The Thermax DV-12

• 1,800 Watts of power

• Stainless Steel Solution Tank – 11 gallons

• 12 gallon recovery tank- automatic overflow protection and waste gate empty system

• dual 2 stage vacuum motors

• 60-100 psi solution pump

The Thermax CP-5

Thermax CP 5

• 1,500 Watts of power

• 3 stage vacuum motor

• 5 Gallon stainless steel solution tank

• 60 psi solution pump.

The Thermax CP-3

Thermax CP 3

• 2 stage vacuum motor

• Built in 300 watt heating system for the cleaning solution

• 3 Gallon stainless steel solution tank

• 55 psi solution pump

Thermax Cleaning Solutions

The above machines need to be used with one or more of the following patented cleaning solutions:

9 IN 1 Carpet Cleaner,
Sep 900 All in One Carpet/ Upholstery Soil Extraction Powder,
200 Carpet/Upholstery Spot and Stain Remover,
300 Citrus Mist Carpet Deodorizer,
Defoamer 400 and Carpet Protector 8000

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