Thermasol Steam Shower Reviews: A Close Look at Thermasol Steam Bath’s Products

Thermasol Steam Shower Reviews:

A Closer Look at Thermasol Steam Bath Products

Thermasol Products

In this article we look at the Thermasol company and review the Thermasol steam shower as well as other products which include steam heaters, the steam and sauna timer, generator, steam heads, sauna rooms and more.

This company has been around for 50 years and counting and have certainly come a long way in the manufacture of steam shower and sauna systems.

They have definitely made use of their experience as I’ve found that their products focus on addressing the problems most steam systems encounter today.



What do they do?

1. Simplification. One of the most common issues is simply – confusion! Yes, confusion when it comes to deciding the size of steam generator to buy for your custom built shower.

Many other brands have complicated features and calculations to determine which one you should use. Thankfully, Thermasol has prevented the headache before it even begins.

All you need to know is the size of your room (length, width and height) and they will present the best steam showers for you.

2. Noise: There simply isn’t any of it! A steam shower is supposed to be relaxing and soothing and thankfully, they deliver in this respect.

3. Waiting Time: One of the most common issues with steam showers is that you have to wait a few minutes before the steam ready. Today, we live in a world where we just don’t simply want to wait, you can thank technology for that!

Thermasol has developed the FastStart™ Technology which produces steam almost instantly.

4. Water Conservation: Steam itself is green, it is natural and has many positive effects on our health and well being. However, using a steam shower uses a lot of water!

Thermasol shower

Fortunately, the technical folks have designed their generator to only use the minimum amount of water needed.

A 20 minute shower will use approximately 2 gallons of water whereas many other showers use up to 40 gallons of water.

Waste not, want not – that’s my motto and this is definitely a positive step towards water conservation.

5. Steam Flow Consistency: Another common issue in saunas and steam showers is the inconsistent flow and temperature of steam.

Their steam shower has addressed this issue and assures that you will always have a constant flow and temperature of steam at all times.

The above are the most common factors where steam showers and saunas can go wrong. Thanks to this company’s foresight and experience, they have been able to completely eliminate these issues.


In addition to solving common issues, I am particularly pleased by the design and integration of the Thermasol steam shower features into packages and kits.

These aren’t various items thrown together; they fit artistically and aesthetically as well as functionally.

I am of course talking about their Optimal Steam Shower Package and Ultimate Steam Shower Package. The Ultimate package consists of an in shower serenity light and music system with control, no touch shower steam head, in shower signature series digital control and a 6 pack of Aromatherapy oils.

They have certainly thought of it all and I hope they continue to be innovative, creative, functionality and design driven in the future.

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