Steamfast Steam Cleaner Reviews

Steamfast Steam Cleaner Reviews

How to choose a SteamFast Steam Cleaner for your needs. The Steam fast steam cleaner is one of the most versatile and multi use cleaners on the market.

Steamfast is a very innovative brand that offers a wide range of Steam products. Our focus here at is of course reviewing all steam related products.

Steamfast have created canister steam cleaners, steam mops, fabric and garment steamers, steam irons and fabric steam presses.

Reviews of some Steamfast Steam Cleaners:



SteamFast SF-292 Multi-Purpose Floor Mop and Handheld Steam Cleaner

This is one of the most multi purpose steam cleaners available; it’s almost like a Transformer. It is an upright steam mop which can also be converted to a hand held steam cleaner as well as a fabric steamer and even a window squeegee!

The specifications of this machine include a short 30 second heat up prep time and 13 oz. water capacity. The unit is quite light at 3.5 lbs and is powered by 1500 Watts.

This steamer comes with a host of accessories so that you can clean even more surfaces. These include: a jet nozzle, different types and sizes of brushes (both nylon and brass), a mop head, squeegee, extension pole, cloth covers of different sizes, measuring cop and even cleaning powder for the boiler.

With all of these features, this steamer is moderately priced between $64 and $130. This cleaner easily takes care of dust mites and allergens. It is perfect for cleaning mirrors, grills, hard floors, around toilets, showers and much more.

The Steamfast SF-292 has gained a 3.5/5 rating which includes many glowing reviews and a few negative ones. The negatives include issues with the mop handle in some cases where the handle did not easily adjust.

There have been issues with defective Steamfast units being bought, so make sure you buy from a legitimate source.


SteamFast SF-246 Portable Canister Steam Cleaner

A quick look at this Steamfast steam cleaner and its features include:

• 30 minutes of available steam cleaning time

• A 33 oz. water tank

• 7 minute heating prep time

• It comes with a switch that allows for steam on demand as well as a continuous steam switch.

• 1500 Watts of power

• Will cost you about $73

• 5.5 lbs in weight- relatively light weight

• No chemicals or cleaning solution for 100% steam cleaning power.

This steam cleaner allows for both the power of a canister type steam cleaner doubled with the ease and portability of a hand held steam cleaner. It easily removes dirt from a wide range of surfaces: tiles, showers, kitchen ovens, counter tops and more.


SF-290 Floor Steam Mop and Multi-Purpose Steamfast Steam Cleaner

This steam cleaner is almost identical to the previously reviewed model, the SF-292. It offers the same 4 in 1 feature where it can perform as a steam mop, hand held steam cleaner, fabric steamer and regular mop.

It is a great garment steamer that can be used to quickly freshen clothes and remove wrinkles. It is capable of cleaning tile, vinyl and hard floor surfaces and even freshening carpets.

According to one consumer:
“The Steam Fast SF-290 is the best – and least expensive – steamer I’ve ever owned”

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