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Steam Vacuum Cleaner: The Marriage of Steam And Vacuum Cleaner

Steam Vacuum Cleaner:

The Marriage of Steam And Vacuum Cleaner

The steam vacuum cleaner combines steam with the suction power of a vacuum to clean carpets and floors effectively. There are many steam vacuum cleaners such as those offered by Hoover and Bissell.

However, a steam vaccum cleaner may not necessarily just use steam, but are more than often combined with a heated solution to enhance cleaning.

The most well known steam cleaner line is the Hoover Steam Vac. The Dual V and Clean Surge series offer professional level steam cleaning for your carpets.


Dual V and Clean Surge Steam Vacuum Cleaner

The Dual V technology consists of Hoover’s unique SpinScrub brushes that work together to scrub the carpet’s fibers to loosen the dirt. Heat is applied onto the floor or carpet along with a detergent solution that is automatically made for the best results.


The Dual V series includes a special nozzle that provides equal suction along the length and width. There are two tank systems to keep the clean water and solution separated from the dirty solution.

Hoover’s Clean Surge technology uses an innovative system for removing dirt from deep within the layers of your carpet. This includes a SpinScrub Multiple Rotating Brush System that basically uses 5 brushes to clean and scrub your carpets and floors.

Like the Dual V, heat is applied directly unto the floor or carpet which enables deep penetrating vacuuming action. There are even SpinScrub hand tools so that you can effectively clean upholstery or even your car seats.

Hot Water Extraction

Steam Vacuum Cleaners use a common technology called Hot water extraction to clean. There is actually very little if any steam that is used. Hot water with cleaning solution are the main ingredients coupled with scrubbing brushes and a vacuum to suction out the dirty solution.

Therefore there is much confusion in the term “steam vacuum cleaner” which actually does not use steam.

If you have every hired a steam cleaning service for your carpets, then they have most likely used the same hot water extraction method. This is a very popular method which does not leave very much cleaning solution in your carpet.

A spray of hot misty water is sprayed into the carpet to apply a cleaning solution. The causes the dirt to be forced out from within the carpet which is then suctioned out by a powerful vacuum.

There are many popular cleaning services that use this method including the Rug Doctor Stanley Steemer and Steam Sweeper.

There are a few advantages and disadvantages of using home steam cleaners that use the hot extraction method. These include:


• Most preferred and efficient method of cleaning carpets

• New technology makes this a much more refined and effective method as was used in the past.

• It leaves behind less residue than other cleaning methods.


• Over-wetting can occur and drying the carpet can become a difficult task

• You have to avoid walking on the carpets while they are drying otherwise they may become soiled again.


Some Popular Steam Vacuum Cleaners:

Bissell ProHeat 2X : $249.99 and a 4/5 star rating

Good Consumer Reviews:

• Works well on Pet related stains

• Excellent cleaning action on carpets especially on high trafficked areas

• Easy to carry

• Great for regular use

• Easy set up

Bad Consumer Reviews:

• Some report issues with the water sprayer

• Also, some consumer have issues with the parts breaking

Bissell Quicksteamer:: $79.00 and a 4/5 star rating

Good Consumer Reviews:

• Excellent value, easy to use

• Lightweight

• Great product at a great price

Bad Consumer Reviews:

• Doesn’t work well on old stains

• Does not work well on big jobs- should only be used for light cleaning

Bissell PowerSteamer: $129.00 and a 3/5 star rating

Good Consumer Reviews:

• A good cleaner which works well on pet stains

• Suctions the water out of the carpet really well

Bad Consumer Reviews:

• Some have reported a leaking problem with this cleaner.

Hoover SteamVac Clean Surge F5914-900: $145.95 and a 4.5/5 star rating

Good Consumer Reviews:

• Great for heavy duty cleaning- cleans old stains well

• Professional cleaning

Bad Consumer Reviews:

• Some wish that the dirty water container was a bit larger.

• Some report leakage issues, however this can be prevented by locking the rod in place by squeezing the trigger and pushing the Clean Surge button. This will create a loud snap which will indicate that the cleaner is well secured and won’t leak.

Hoover SteamVac Dual V F7411-900: $182.60 and a 4.5/5 star rating

Good Consumer Reviews:

• “Best Carpet Cleaner I’ve ever used”

• Powerful, many consumers prefer Hoover over Bissell

• Exceeds consumer expectations

Bad Consumer Reviews:

• Leaking problems

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