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Steam Shower Spa: All You Need Is Your Steam Shower Room

Steam Shower Spa:

All You Need Is Your Steam Shower Room

Steam Shower Spa

Stressed out and need to relax?

All you need is a steam shower spa in your home to enjoy your very own steam shower treatment any day at any time!

Enjoying a day at the spa is a luxury that isn’t as modern as you think. People have enjoyed what are now called spas for centuries.


The Romans and Greeks lounged in steam baths from hot springs and enjoyed mud treatments among other pleasures.

Today, visiting a spa can be a bit costly, but it doesn’t have to be so. If you install your own steam shower room in your home, you can enjoy a spa treatment any day and any time that you desire.

A normal spa treatment consists of a massage, various spa treatments, a hot tub or bath. At many day spas you can get facials, body treatments, body scrubs, pedicures and aromatherapy.

In fact, the term “spa” is very loosely used and there are no solid definitions of what a spa should consist of. Many hair salons call themselves spas as they offer some spa services like pedicures and manicures.

It is safe to say that a spa consists of a relaxing environment where you can lounge around in a bathrobe and enjoy a serene environment.

This new definition makes it much easier for anyone to experience.

Installing steam shower rooms in your home can make the spa experience one that you can enjoy on a daily basis.

Steam shower

Many steam showers are equipped with a few key “ingredients” to transform your bath to a steam shower spa experience.

Most steam rooms have an inbuilt stereo system where you can plug in your mp3 player or ipod. Another spa feature which is inbuilt in your steam room is of course steam shower lighting.

It is formally called chromo therapy where the use of different colored lights can affect mood. You can use this to enhance your relaxation and send yourself to another reality.

Another key feature of your steam shower spa is of course, aromatherapy. Most steam showers have a reservoir to pour your favorite scented oils into. You can enjoy eucalyptus, vanilla, jasmine or any other scent that you love while steam bathing.

If you have tight muscles and can do with a massage but don’t have a personal masseuse, don’t worry. Your steam shower bath most likely has inbuilt jet massagers.

These water massagers are usually positioned for your feet and back as well as many acupuncture hot spots. The water stimulates your nerve endings similar to the effect of acupuncture which helps you achieve relaxation of both your body and spirit.

Actually, to enjoy a perfect day at the “spa” all you need is some alone time, your steam shower and your favorite music playlist.

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