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Steam Shower Kit Reviews: Customization Made Easy With Steam Shower Kits

Steam Shower Kit Reviews:

Customization Made Easy
Steam Shower Kits

Steam shower kit: A few tips and cautionary measures when customizing your steam shower enclosure and designing your dream steam shower.

Installing those shower kits doesn’t have to be a nightmare, all you need is some DIY courage!

Owning a steam shower in the comfort of your home is a luxury that few believe they can afford. However, it may not be as expensive as you think.

Instead of building a steam shower, you can instead buy a shower kit and install it yourself. However, you may need some help to fix the plumbing and electrical.


Even though you are buying a kit you can still customize your shower the way you desire. Many kits are sold separately, for example shower enclosure kits, steam generator kits, shower and faucet kits, door kits and more.

So it won’t be too difficult to build and install your very own custom steam shower.

There are many kits available now by brands like Dreamline, Kohler etc.

Steam Showers

Take a look at the Steam Showers displayed on Amazon to learn more about the specific models and their prices.

You can also buy other separate kits, for example Kohler’s steam generator control kit. This kit is compatible with all other Kohler Steam Shower Kits and allows you to control temperature and steam. Features include safety shut off, digital clock, aromatherapy reservoir, adjustable settings etc.

There are even Chromo therapy fixtures that you can install to utilize the relaxing power of light. Steam generator kits are also available but ensure that you have a professional to install these safely.

When buying and installing a kit, make sure that it meshes well with the overall look and design of your bathroom. Your steam shower will become an integral part of your home and it is important that it is both fully functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Price is also another factor when buying and installing a steam shower kit. The average price range would be around $1,300 to $5,000+ US.

It is easy to get carried away with the numerous “extra” features you can install. Your options are endless.

It is also easy to get carried away with the design aspects of your steam shower, some people like to model theirs to imitate a historic Roman bath or some want a completely contemporary design.

Nothing is wrong with this, but keep in mind your budget limitations!

There are numerous types of steam and shower jets to choose from, including massage features. It can become overwhelming, but remember to get the basics first.

Once you have the basic features and haven’t gone overboard on your budget, then you can look at other features or upgrading your current choices.

When hiring a contractor, plumber or electrician to help with installing a kit and the steam shower generator, make sure they are reputable and have experience in doing this particular job.

Also, make sure they quote their fees upfront and you have this in a contract since you certainly don’t want to exceed your budget!

In concluding, careful planning, budgeting and some DIY courage is all you need to get that steam shower of your dreams.

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