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Steam sauna kit

Steam Sauna Kit

Build your own sauna

Steam sauna kit – pre-cut kit

On this page we will look at the steam sauna kit and what you need to consider before buying a kit and jumping into this very interesting do-it-yourself project.

If you are handy and know your way around a toolbox it can be a very rewarding project that can be finished the same day.

However, if you are all thumbs, but still want to build your own sauna it is a much better idea to look at modular steam sauna kits that require very little skill and is mostly very easy to put together.


The bonus when building your own is that you can order a customized kit to suit your home and specific tastes.


Planning your sauna before ordering you Steam sauna kit

There are several points you need to consider before placing your order to ensure that your sauna works well and provide you with pleasure. Failing to plan can cause moisture damage to the surrounding areas and will be like throwing money in the water.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Space
    Where do want to place your sauna? Is there enough space? Will it provide you with the necessary privacy needed when entering and leaving the sauna?
  • Size
    If you want to have a small sauna consider a two-person kit to avoid feeling claustrophobic and to be able to lay down and stretch out. Larger saunas take up more space, power and cost more. Be very specific in your requirements before you order your steam sauna kit to prevent disappointment and crowding!
  • Walls and floors
    Your floors and walls need to be isolated but also sealed against moisture to prevent future damage. It is prudent to use a concrete, tile, linoleum and any other type of floor that will not absorb water.

Steam sauna kit – pre-fabricated kit

  • Power usage
    Some of the steam sauna kits have no special power requirements and can be plugged into a regular power socket, but some of them have special power requirements. Do your homework beforehand or be prepared to call a professional in to help you with this.
  • Build-in or portable?
    Do you want a sauna that is a permanent feature in your home or do you prefer one that you can quickly and easily take apart and move around?
  • Pre-cut or Pre-fabricated?
    A pre-cut kit, although pre-marked, will take more time and effort to figure out and put together and will require you to build a frame and to isolate and seal the area in advance. A pre-fabricated kid will take only minutes to put together as most of the assembly work is already for you. It is usually pre-build, pre-wired and fully equipped. It has the added bonus that it can easily taken apart and moved to another location.

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