Steam Sauna Equipment: Sauna and Steam Room Equipment

Steam Sauna Equipment:

Sauna and Steam Room Equipment

A quick look at different steam sauna equipment that will help you choose the best components for your sauna.

There are many different aspects when putting together a sauna, or building your own sauna, customizing a steam sauna kit or simply buying a prefabricated sauna.

We will have a look at each of the major components as well as places you can purchase these from at affordable prices.

The first component we will look at is the sauna heater.


The Sauna Heater

There are different types of sauna heaters.

Infrared type saunas use either carbon filter heaters or ceramic heaters. Heaters are an important aspect of your sauna or steam room.

Why? Because it’s the heart of your sauna, without a heater, you would only have a room.

So what are the factors that separate good heaters from not so good heaters?

Energy consumption: In this day, we should all be looking to reduce how much energy we consume. All heaters are not made equal, some consume more energy than they should.

One of the best heaters that have the best energy consumption to output ratio are Tylo sauna heaters.

Penetration of Infrared rays. Some heaters penetrate deeper than others and are more effective as a result

Steady heating. The worse thing to have is a heater that does not maintain the temperature properly.

When comparing carbon filter heaters to ceramic heaters, ceramics are cheaper whereas carbon filter heaters are more effective and efficient.

If you are purchasing or building a traditional heater then you will have to purchase an electric stove heater with stones or wood fire heater. These are made to mimic traditional Finnish saunas where you pour water over rocks to create steam.

The best place to purchase your heater? Definitely purchase from Amazon or straight from the manufacturer.


Sauna Doors

The second type of steam sauna equipment we will look at are sauna doors. Here you can go for functional or classy and artistic. There are many different types of sauna doors. This includes:

• All glass sauna doors

• Half glass doors

• Custom sidelight door

• Paneled sauna door

• Tinted/ Engraved doors

All glass doors are definitely the most popular type as they provide a very modern and sleek look.


Sauna Accessories

When you’re in your sauna, there are a few things that you might need to “furnish” it. One of the first things you need to choose is a bench if your sauna does not come with one.

There are many types of benches you can purchase and it is recommended that you buy a wooden bench because it won’t get hot to touch.

You definitely don’t want to purchase any accessories made out of metal because then you’d risk getting burnt!

So what kind of wood is best for your sauna?

Cedar: This is a very popular and beautiful wood type. It is resistant to decay, is aromatic and it ages well in a sauna.

Imported Nordic White Spruce: Don’t make the mistake of substituting this type of wood with domestic spruce as the domestic type does not fair well in a sauna.

The imported type of Nordic white spruce is the same type of wood that was traditionally used in Finnish saunas.

This a great wood to use and it barely darkens with age. It is white toned and great if you’re trying to create an authentic sauna feel.

Other steam sauna equipment and accessories you can consider purchasing are:

• Headrests

• Massagers

• Leg rests

• Racks for your towels

• Shelves for jewelry and other items

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