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Steam Room Light: Steam Room Lighting Fixtures, Manufacturer & More

Steam Room Light:

Steam Room Lighting Fixtures,
Manufacturer & More

On this page you’ll find lights for steam rooms reviews and information on lights, fixtures and manufacturers.

Lighting is an extremely important aspect when constructing your built in steam room.

Fortunately, if you purchased a prefabricated steam room unit, then the lights would have already been installed. All you would need to do is maintain them and buy replacements when necessary.

Lights are necessary for the obvious reason of aiding sight, however they are also used to create a relaxing and soothing ambiance.


When the light is reflected on the steam particles, it creates the appearance of a glowing mist which can be very visually stimulating.

When buying lights, it is important to buy those that are resistant to heat, water, steam and humidity. Those are the conditions found in every steam room, so it is absolutely crucial that you buy a high quality vapor proof steam room light.

One of the most important aspects of installing your lighting is securing the housing. It is essential that the housing is completely sealed as you don’t want any vapor entering.

Steam can short the electrical system and even cause the bulb to shatter.

If you are concerned about this, you have the option of fibre optic lights. This is a very safe option since it does not conduct any electricity. Using fibre optic lighting you can get very creative.

You can use it along walls as under lighting or to highlight certain features in your steam room. It is recommended that you use plastic fiber optics as they have a good buy xanax price bestsellers thermal resistance of +80.

This type of lighting is very easy to manipulate and install which gives you even more creative freedom.

Have a look at some creative uses of light in these steam rooms:

Steam room light

As you may have noticed, the above steam room design makes use of recessed lights. This type of light creates a very calm and harmonious mood as oppose to harsh direct light.

Steam Room Light Fixtures

Steam room light - Amerec Chromatherapy Light Kit

Besides using fibre-optic lights you can also install various light fixtures on your ceilings or walls.

One option you have is the Amerec Chromatherapy light kit. This light can change colors which is important for light therapy.

Light can affect mood, so if you want to enjoy the benefits of chromatherapy then you might want to consider installing this fixture.

In the package you will receive one light, its housing and a transformer.

Many of these lights will cost you in the range of $300+ each.

Steam Room Lighting Manufacturers

If you’re interested in buying these in bulk then you might want to consider going straight to the manufacturer. One such manufacturer is Alibaba.com which offers a very wide range of lights to choose from which you can purchase at wholesale prices.

Another great place to buy your lights at a more affordable price or at least compare prices is at Nextag.com


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