Steam Room Design: Commercial & Residential Steam Room Design Plans

Steam Room Design:

Commercial & Residential
Steam Room Design Plans

Need help designing your steam room?

Our design tips and recommendations will give you some great ideas when it comes to building your own.

We cover residential steam rooms as well as commercial designs.

Buying or constructing your steam room is easier than you think. You’re surrounded by options; you can buy a prefabricated model. These prefabricated steam rooms can be bought in acrylic and glass or even wood.


You can even buy a portable steam sauna which is inexpensive and gives you the same benefits.

Another option you have is building your own steam room.

The last option would be the most expensive out of all the other options however, if you have the money, you can design a truly remarkable steam room.

A steam room design consists of a few elements:

These include your

  • budget,
  • how much space do you have to work with,
  • what “feel” or “style” do you want to convey,
  • what materials do you want to use.

You can make your steam room as basic or as lavish as you desire.

Do you need some ideas, or not sure how beautiful your steam room can be?

Check out some custom steam room designs below:

Steam room design - example 1

These pictures tell a thousand words as to the limitless design possibilities that await you.

However, when you are creating your steam room plans, you might want to avoid a few mistakes:

1. Throwing money at your steam room does not compensate for poor design,

2. Avoid repetitive “noisy” tile patterns,

3. Your tile patterns should be suited to and complement the shape of your room,

4. Avoid cluttering the steam room with sculptures and other items. Yes, they look great when done right, however don’t overdo it! Your steam room is a getaway, make sure that it is spacious and soothing.

5. The style of your bathroom, steam room and house in general should be the same or at least compatible.

6. Never chose design over functionality. You don’t want a good looking “leaky” steam room! Design and functionality go hand in hand, keep this in mind.

Most of all, you must pay attention to proper construction of your steam room.

The steam room, unlike a sauna plays host to a lot of moisture. The steam contains a high water content which makes it perfect for mold, mildew and other bacteria.

It is essential that your steam room is completely sealed and has an adequate drainage mechanism in place. Wood isn’t the best material of choice when building your steam room as the water and steam will wreak havoc on it eventually.

However, if you must, make sure it is appropriately treated. Tile is the most popular and widely recommended material.

Besides wood, sheet rock is also not a recommended material, however fiberglass reinforced sheetrock like Dura rock or Wonder board can be used.

You must take special precautions with those materials by ensuring they are sealed with commercial waterproof paint against moisture.

If you’re not a fan of tile, then acrylic and glass steam rooms are widely recommended as those are the choice materials for prefabricated steam rooms. You can of course, take it up a notch and design your own.

Commercial steam room design

Commercial needs vs. residential design are worlds apart. Commercial steam rooms include those in gyms or corporations.

These rooms are heavily trafficked and used for hours by different people.

As a result, they become breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria to grow and thrive. In fact, it is recommended that tile is not used in the construction of these rooms.

It is recommended that you install a hybrid steam room. These rooms are made from poly-ethelyne panels that have steel and fiberglass re-enforcement.

Steam Room Design

And yes… they do look like high tech futuristic space machines.

They self clean using a corona-discharge sterilization system. All you have to do is press the PowerZone generator button every night and you will have a perfectly sterile environment for your customers.


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