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Steam Floor Cleaners: A Steam Floor Cleaner Review & The Haan Floor Steam Clean

Steam Floor Cleaners:

A Steam Floor Cleaner Review
& The Haan Floor Steam Cleaner

What should you look for when you buy steam floor cleaners?

We cover everything you need to know about the steam cleaner for floors. This article also showcases an in depth review of the Haan MS-30 Multi purpose steamer which is an excellent floor cleaner.

Factors You Need To Consider

When it comes to choosing a steam cleaner for your floor, there are many issues you need to pay attention to. Buying a floor steamer is different from buying a steam cleaner for general household use.

Steamers that were designed for floors are mainly in the form of a steam mop. The reason for this is because the mop design is the easiest for pushing around and cleaning the floor in its entirety. If you decide to purchase a steamer in this form, then you need to ensure the following:


Sturdy Handle:

Surprisingly, this is a rare attribute in the majority of steam mops available. However, don’t make the mistake of purchasing one that has a flimsy handle. Those are prone to breaking and you definitely won’t get value for your money.

One of the most popular mops that have a flimsy handle is the Shark steam mop. Instead of purchasing this model, we recommend that you purchase the Bissell Steam mop which is sturdier on the whole.

Decent Sized Water Tank

Make sure that you purchase a model which will give you at least 10 minutes of cleaning time. Generally, steam mops can clean from between 5 minutes to 20 minutes as their small size does not leave a lot of tank space.

Long Power Cord

 The length of the power cord tells you how mobile the mop will allow you to be. The longer the power cord, the more “reach” you have unless you use an extension cord with it. We recommend that you not purchase a steamer that has a cord more than 14’ in length.

Temperatures – Steam Output

The higher the temperature of the steam, the more sanitizing power it has.

Your Needs

There are many buy accutane before and after types of steam floor cleaners available, and not just the mop type. If you need a steamer to clean your floors, counter tops, bath room surfaces and other items, then you should consider a multipurpose steamer.

One of the floor steamers that can be used for multiple purposes is the Haan MS-30 multipurpose steam cleaner which we shall now review in depth.

The Haan MS-30 Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner

Haan MS-30 Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

This is an amazing canister mop that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Before we get into the consumer reviews of this product, we will first look at its features.

  • This is a very light and compact unit that you use to clean your floors, counter tops, windows, ceilings, walls, bathroom etc.
  • Can reach temperatures as high as 212°F
  • Low 3 minute heat up time
  • 12 steam jets
  • Comes with tons of accessories which are easy to attach and allow you to clean just about anything. These accessories include detail brushes, a grout brush to clean your grout and tile, flat surface attachment with a towel sleeve. This accessory allows you to clean sofas, curtains, drapery and even clothes.

    It also has a floor steam head attachment with microfiber pads to clean stoves, floors and other flat surfaces. These are just a few; there are many more standard attachments.

Consumer opinions of this product indicate that they liked the fact that it only took 3 minutes to heat – no one likes to wait. Many found that it is an excellent grout cleaner especially in comparison to other steamers which have done a poor job in this area.

Do you have a problem with carpet odors? One consumer found that it did an excellent job and completely erased all funky smells. This is a definite plus!

Overall, this is an excellent and well built machine that is definitely worth it. This is the one steamer that will do just about everything!

A newer model is now available. 

Have a look …

HAAN MS-35R Complete Professional Steam Sanitizer for Multipurpose Cleaning

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