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Steam Bath Rooms: A Definitive Guide To The Steam Room

Steam Bath Rooms:

A Definitive Guide To The Steam Room

Interested in Steam bath rooms?

On this page we will discuss the origins, types and important features of a steam bath room, as well as answering your questions on room sauna steam and more.

What is a steam room?

A steam room is basically a room or an enclosed area where steam of high temperature at a high humidity level are pumped.


A steam room can be designed to hold more than one person where they can sit similar to in a sauna. The temperature in these rooms never extends beyond 43 Degrees Celsius for safety reasons.

Steam baths are common in many different countries and cultures around the world. These include India, China, Cairo, Finland, the US, UK and others.

These sweat baths are used by different cultures for spiritual, mental and physical cleansing.

Steam Bath Room

In many countries there are public steam bath houses and steam showers. Most of the times they are found in the usual places: the pool, spa, hotel etc.

Some of them are mix gender and there are usually strict rules of etiquette to follow. Other bath houses may sometimes have a partition separating the men and women.

There are different types of steam bath rooms
which we shall now have a look at:

1. Hammam:

These steam bathrooms are styled akin to the traditional Turkish bath. They are usually a one tiled room or a row of tiled steam rooms which can be used communally.

However, it is usually one steam room which has a central tap and bench seats. The tiles are decorated according to the traditional style of blue, silver and gold which create a very exotic atmosphere.

2. Japanese salt steam baths:

The steam produced in these baths are made from heated salty mineral water which contains extracts from herbs and other plants. The steam produced is quite salty and aromatic.

3. Aroma room:

These rooms are usually tile or rock lined where the steam from aromatic oils is dispersed throughout the room. These rooms are usually built to hold a few people and are common in health facilities and accommodation.

4. Caldarium:

This is similar to an aroma room where scented steam is filled into steam bath rooms.

5. Sweat Lodge:

These steam bath rooms originated with the Native Americans who used them for purification. The purpose being to draw out toxins and help you gain mental clarity.

6. Mud Steam Bath (Rasul/Serail):

This is a traditional Arabic treatment where you are covered with mineral rich mud and then sit in a steam room for about 15-20 minutes.

After, you use a steam shower or cold water to remove the mud. This treatment is usually followed by an aromatic massage.

7. Balinese Steam bath:

A steam bath where the steam is infused with the aroma of jasmine.

Steam Bathing Precautions:

A hot, steamy bath … the perfect way to end a stressful day.

It is indeed, however you should note a few precautions especially if you have your own steam bath/ steam shower or are using hotel facilities.

If it is your first time having a steam bath, it is important to test first and not spend more than 15 minutes your first time around.

When you are finished, don’t make the mistake of showering in cold water as they will shock your system. Instead, allow yourself to adequately cool down until your circulation and body temperature returns to normal.

Also, try not to exceed 2 or 3 steam baths per day.

If you are using a facility where there are different types of steam baths available it is important that you do not use one type of steam bath and then immediately after use another.

The reason being is that you should never use two different types of steam baths without cooling down first because you will overtax your circulation system.

Room Sauna Steam – Modern Steam Bath rooms

In the world of modern steam rooms, we have many options. You can buy a portable steam room or portable steam sauna, build your own steam room or have someone build it for you.

Of course there are also many ready built steam rooms available online – all you have to do is buy and install.

Many modern steam rooms combine features of a sauna and a steam shower which produce hybrids like the steam sauna room or steam shower room.

So what are some of the most important features you should look for when buying a steam bath room?

Computerized Steam Control System

This is the digital world, so having a digital system with LED displays are important- unless you want the traditional purist experience, then the boiler room is your “control panel.”

A Thermostatic Valve

You’re dealing with heat and steam, so having this safety feature is of utmost importance. This will enable you to control the amount of heat to prevent scalding with fingertip temperature controls.

Mood Enhancers

A lighting system is important as different colors can aid in relaxation. You should also ensure that there is an oil release system so that you can make full use of steam aromatherapy.

Extractor Fan

This feature ensures that there is always proper ventilation inside of the steam room since it does tend to get steamy in there!

Cleaning Systems

Ensure that your steam room comes with an inner tank cleaning system that involves pressure or another method. The sign of a cheaply made steam bath room is one that relies on gravity for drainage since this does not get rid of calcified deposits in your tank.


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