Stanley Steam Cleaners: Honest Stanley Steemer Reviews

Stanley Steam Cleaners:

Honest Stanley Steemer Reviews

Stanley steam cleaners have been known for 60 years and counting. We provide unbiased Stanley Steemer reviews so you can decide for yourself.

Stanley Steemer was founded in 1947 by Jack Bates. This company has grown to become synonymous with carpet cleaning and is easily distinguishable by their yellow van logo.

So what do they offer? They offer a host of residential services which include cleaning of: carpet, tile, grout, upholstery, leather, automobiles, boats, RV’s, hard wood floors, air ducts and more. They also specialize in water damage restoration. They offer the same services commercially for your business or office.

Stanley Steemer Yellow Van


There are many factors why Stanley steam cleaners have become so famous and well recognized. They offer 24 hour and same day service. They can give you a quote over the phone and best of all, they don’t have any hidden fees.

So how does Stanley Steemer clean your carpets? They use a method called hot water extraction which is also referred to as steam cleaning. This method is proven to be the best method of cleaning your carpet over shampooing, dry powders and other methods.

It works by expelling hot water and cleaning solution into your carpets at high pressures. When this happens the dirt that is embedded in your carpets becomes loose and in the same motion, a heavy duty vacuum suctions the dirty liquid from out of your carpet.

In this way, the dirt and stains are removed from your carpets and you are left with a completely sanitized and clean home.

Stanley steam cleaners have perfected this method of cleaning and not only does it clean your carpets but also eliminated offending odors. No need to worry about those musty odors or aged spills. Stanly steam cleaners will take care of it for you.

The cost of getting Stanley Steemer to visit you and clean your carpets isn’t as much as you think. Every state or area has different prices, but they don’t differ a lot.

Click here to visit the Stanley Steemer website.

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So what are consumers saying about Stanley Steamers?

Well it seems from our research that there are a lot of mixed reviews about the Stanley steam cleaners service.

Some consumers report that they are “extremely happy” with their service and have been for the past 10 years! They come out quickly even during holidays and they always stick to the quoted price.

The over deliver in results and your carpets always come out perfectly clean and spotless. They clean pet and kid messes really well and are very professional.

The bad reviews about this company came from consumers who said that they just never stopped trying to sell you products. Some say they are very professional and polite when you say “no thanks” and others report that there is a distinct change in attitude. Many consumers complain that their consumer service leaves a lot to be desired.

As with every service there will always be good and bad reviews. The best thing for you to do is to try them for yourself and you’ll know if they’re the carpet cleaning company for you, or not.

If you don’t want to hire a professional service, yet don’t want to buy a home purchase accutane cream online grade steam cleaner, then you might want to consider commercial steam carpet cleaners that are certain to clean your carpets to the highest level possible.

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