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Sioux Steam Cleaner Reviews

Sioux Steam Cleaner Reviews

We review the Sioux steam cleaner and the many uses and applications of this industrial type cleaner.

The Sioux Corporation was founded in 1939 and in 1965 the company was sold to John Finger and Virginia Finger. Sioux is well known for the construction of heavy duty steam cleaners and pressure washers that are made for specific applications.

The unique feature of Sioux is that they pride themselves in being able to offer custom options and modifications on their machines.

The first units Sioux ever manufactured were created to clean the engines of automobiles. They have since created cold water pressure washers, hot water pressure washers and the combination of pressure washers and steam cleaners.


They have also extended into the manufacture of steam generators, water heaters and water chillers.

Since this article covers only the Sioux steam cleaner, we shall jump right away into their current offerings.

—Fuel Fired Steam Cleaners

—All Electric Steam Cleaners


The Fuel Fired Steam Cleaners

The fuel fired steam cleaners are separated into the 50 Hertz models and the 60 Hertz models. The general specifications of the steam cleaners indicate that they offer pressures ranging from 100-200 psi. The temperatures of the pressurized water and steam are around 320°F (160°C).

All of their steamers meet professional qualification including UL 1776 and CAN/CSA-B140.11 M89 by ETL. Sioux offers steamers that are excellent at cleaning oil, grease and all manner of dirt and muck. They are able to clean the toughest stains, resin and tar from any surface and are great at sanitizing and disinfecting areas.

Each cleaner is made to the highest quality and is sure to last a very long time. The heavy duty materials used can withstand harsh conditions and are definitely worth the investment.

In the 60 Hertz category there are 5 models which include: S1.5*250, S2*250 (QS), S4*250 (QS), S6*250 (QS) and S8*250 (QS). The 50 Hertz category has 4 models: S1.2*250, S1.7*250 (QS), S3.3*250 (QS) and S5*250 (QS).

All of the fuel fired models are available in natural gas, diesel or LP gas. Note that the post popular models are labeled (QS) and are available through Sioux’s quick ship program.


The All Electric Steam Cleaners

Sioux Steam Cleaner Electrical

The All electric steam cleaners also come in the 50 hertz and 60 hertz categories. In each of the above categories, they are further split into E Series and EN series steamers. The difference between the E and EN series is that the EN series steam cleaners are built with an extra heavy duty industrial steel frame.

This feature allows these models to be used in environments that are extremely rugged. Some of those environments include mining, in the petroleum industry and even water waste treatment plants. The EN series even has an explosion proof option that can be customized if needed.

The E series of steam cleaners offer more compact and portable designs but are similar in features to the EN series. It is best to use the E series steamers where portability and storage space are huge concerns.

They are best suited to environments such as chemical and food processing industries as well as pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries.

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