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Shower Steam: Review Of The Steam Shower Bath & Steam Shower Sauna

Shower Steam:

Review Of The Steam Shower Bath
& Steam Shower Sauna

Buying a shower steam unit is one of the best investments in your health and well being that you can make.

Steam and Shower = Perfect Relaxation.

Find out how to choose one that is right for you and read unbiased steam shower reviews.

Steam saunas, steam rooms and steam showers all sound the same and in essence they all are closely related to each other but with marked differences.


Steam Shower Cabin

So what defines a steam shower?

A steam shower is the product of the merging of a steam room and a normal shower, so it is really a steam shower room.

The steam shower has all of the features of a normal shower however it also includes a steam generator which is used to produce steam.

The modern steam shower normally comes with additional fixtures besides the use of steam and the normal shower features.

They can come with aromatherapy, the ability to play audio input from an mp3 player or cd player, foot massagers, ceiling showers and more.

The steam shower door or enclosure is usually made so that the shower steam does not escape the enclosed space so as to not damage the walls and other parts of your bathroom.


The origin of the steam shower is thought to begin with the Romans. The Romans created the steam bath which was fed by natural hot springs.

These steam baths were common in Rome and many were created for public and communal use. The Romans, known for their opulence and love of pleasure were signified by the wide use of these baths.

In fact, these were a part of daily life and formed a huge aspect of their culture. Many Roman emperors created these baths to increase their popularity among the population and as a result kept the entrance fees to a bare minimum.

Shower Steam Unit: Design

The steam shower is available in many different materials including tile, stone, wood, glass and acrylic. The steam shower enclosure is usually rectangular shaped or shaped like that of a semi circle with glass doors.

The dimensions are of course not fixed since you would have to buy one that is best suited to the size of your bathroom.


So what brands are available?

You can choose from:

Kohler button link

Thermasol button link

Roma button link

For a brief overview of some popular brands, check out these steam shower units.

Designing your bathroom and choosing a shower steam unit go hand in hand. Whenever you think of home improvement, it’s all about having your dream bathroom.

Why? Because they are not only places to get clean, but are also a retreat from the stresses of the world and enjoy the luxury of your home. We all ideally would love to have our own Jacuzzi, spa or sauna installed in our baths.

And now, it certainly is a possibility. You can buy a steam shower which has a price range around $1,000+ – $5,000+ US so it definitely is affordable. You can of course build one yourself, which may be a daunting task but with some instructions, it can be done!

Shower Steam Unit: General Features

Steam Generator:

This is one of the most important parts of your steam shower. Without it, you would just have a shower. These of course generate steam which should take only a few minutes to fill the entire steam shower cabin.

The generator should be easily controllable using a LCD control panel to adjust the temperature, steam amount and set timers to control the intensity of your shower.

Thermostatic Control:

This is used to prevent extremes in temperature to avoid you from getting scalded or being shocked by freezing water. It is also a safety feature especially for your children or young adults.

Digital Control Panel:

There should be a main control so that you can control lighting, audio volume and track selection, temperature of steam, aromatherapy controls and every feature that is available.

Some steam showers come with a remote control panel so that you can power on features before you enter the shower such as filling the room with steam etc.

Massage Feature:

Some showers come with hydro massage water jets which massage your feet while you relax. There may also be other massage jets for different parts of the body to enhance relaxation i.e. for the upper torso, middle and lower body.

Ventilation Fan or System:

This is to ensure that there is sufficient ventilation in the room without opening the doors. It draws air from outside of the room to ensure that high oxygen levels are maintained in the steam shower.

Overhead and Hand held showers:

The steam shower should be equipped with a standard overhead shower as well as a detachable hand held shower. Some include an overhead rainfall style shower to simulate bathing in the rain.


A programmable built in radio with speakers should be available along with connections to attach your cd player or mp3 player. Being able to listen to your choice of music while bathing is an added luxury.


Another feature which has many health benefits includes the use of aromatherapy. There should be an oil intake where you can add your favorite oils to have them diffused into the steam.


A frequently overlooked feature. You should ensure that your shower has sufficient shelving to store your bath accessories.

Chromo therapy mood lighting:

This is another great feature to look for in your steam shower. The ability to affect the color and intensity of light is proven to affect your mood and emotional state.

If you have a stressful life, then you might want to consider ensuring that this feature is available in your chosen steam shower.

The above are some of the features available in shower steam units. Not all of them may be available, but the above list specifies some of the most important ones to look for.

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