Shark Vac Then Steam Mop Reviews, As Seen On Tv

Shark Vac Then Steam Mop Reviews

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Welcome to my review of the innovative Shark Vac Then Steam mop. This all purpose cleaner will vacuum and disinfect your floors and home. Read this review to learn more about this machine.

This is a new and innovative concept from Shark that will save you time, energy and money.


You get a vacuum and steam cleaner in once package. This prevents you from having to buy a vacuum (which can run into the $100’s) and a steam mop to disinfect your floors.

It reduces the amount of work you do because instead of vacuuming and sweeping the floors first with one machine and then prepping the steam mop, everything you need is in one machine.

If you live in a small home or apartment this saves you a lot of space as you don’t need to store two separate machines.

This machine is lightweight and easy to use and in many cases can easily replace your Swiffer cleaner. If you have kids who are messy and spill their drinks and leave crumbs everywhere, you will love this machine.



The features of the Shark Vac Then Steam mop include a 25 second prep time before you can begin using it.

One tank of water will last about 20 minutes which is adequate to clean at least one room.

The 25 ft cord is long enough to ensure that you can reach every corner in the room you are cleaning.

It has four replacement pads and weighs a mere 9.5 lbs.

It has a 11.5” cleaning path and comes with a one year warranty.

The temperature of the steam can reach up to 212 degrees which is great for disinfecting and sanitizing your floors.

No need to use any chemicals – the steam will do it all!


Consumer reviews:

Consumer reviews of this product are mixed. Some have found that the suction of the vacuum is not powerful enough and is only suitable for hard floors as oppose to carpets.

Most consumers were pleased with the functionality of the steam mop feature and found that it steamed their floors perfectly.

However, some found that the stream of steam was not uniform and wished it was more constant. This is a minor flaw and it was reported that this was not a major issue as it did not affect the cleaning ability.

Another great thing about this machine is that the steam mop leaves your floors dry and even if there is some moisture, this dries up in a jiffy.

Many found that the vacuum worked well in suctioning pet hairs, dirt and even cat litter. It is well designed with rubber wheels so that your hardwood floors don’t suffer any scratching.

Shark MV2010 Vac-Then-Steam Cleaner

This machine is applauded for being such a time saver and does a great job of cleaning.

However, some consumers wished that the canister which holds the dirt had a larger capacity and that it was easier to clean under furniture and other objects.

Another complaint that consumers have is that the vacuum is a bit on the loud side but this is expected.

Consumers agree that this machine is well worth the money and is rather inexpensive considering that it holds two machines in one. It should cost over $200 however it is affordably priced at $149.

If you prefer to buy a separate vacuum and steam mop, then you might want to consider the Shark steam pocket mop.

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