shark steam mop S3250

by jenny price

We live in Spain, our villa has all ceramic tiles. My friend bought me one back from the uk, a shark S3250.

I was thrilled to receive it and could not wait to get started, oh dear, oh dear, how disappointing was i?

No problems at all with the lightweight design, how fast it heated up, the nice thick pads.It was the end result, streaks all across my tiles!! so i thought well maybe it is all the past chemicals used on the floors, so i mopped with hot water and vinegar, then had another go, but just the same.

I am just hoping that the more i use the mop the better the floor will come up.

Apart from that i love how easy it is to get this mop out daily to use,glides across the floor with great ease,just so so disappointed it is leaving streaks, anyone else found this??? or why?

My answer:

I did a bit of research and came up with the following tips for you:

  • The streaks may be caused by the water in your area. The water may be hard or have some minerals deposits in it. Some users found that using distilled water got rid of the streakiness.

  • If the cleaning pads are too wet it can cause streaks as well. Only push the button when you absolutely need more moisture.

  • Dirty pads can also be a problem. Try exchanging the pads just a tad more than you think is necessary to see if this helps.

  • As you already mentioned old chemical build-up can also be a factor.

I hope you find a solution for your streaky problem and that the tips helps. A steam mop is a wonderful thing, but you want it to work right! Good luck with this!

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