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Shark Steam Cleaners Reviews – Is This A Good Buy?

Shark Steam Cleaners Reviews:

Is The Shark A Good Buy?

The Shark steam cleaners range or any EuroPro steam cleaner makes great partners in home cleaning. EuroPro, the company behind Shark cleaners, is a popular and highly respected developer of advanced cleaning solutions for today’s modern housewife.

As a homeowner, Shark steam products are exactly the kind of partners you’d want to have when cleaning your house.


Why Trust Shark/Euro Pro?

Euro Pro has been in the house ware and appliance market for a century now. The company began in Europe, moved to Canada, then settled into a headquarters in Massachusetts, from where its innovative and very useful products now come.

Shark is currently its strongest brand in the steam household cleaning industry. The brand has become very popular mainly because its products were found to combine innovation with great functionality.


Thus, the products use advanced technology but are surprisingly easy for the regular housewife to use.

Their products are also easy to afford – very reasonably priced, indeed, considering the high level of quality they boast of.


The Science behind Shark/Euro Pro Steamers

Shark vaccum cleaners are known for their powerful suction capability. Due to this special suction technology, the vacuum cleaner can even suck in dirt and debris that have already been entangled in the carpet fibers for quite some time.

Even the smaller vacuum cleaners from Shark have 1.5 times stronger suction power than full-sized vacuum cleaners from other brands.

These cleaners are also equipped with a special HEPA filter. The purpose of this technology is to catch the dust particles as they are being suctioned by the cleaner.

The HEPA filter used by Shark can catch 99.97% of all dust particles in a single cleaning session. The filter can also catch dust particles as small as 0.3 microns.


Shark Steam Cleaner Buying Guide:
Ratings and Reviews

If your need is for a lightweight machine, Shark also manufactures a smaller model, such as the Shark 2-in-1 Cordless Stick Vac and Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

It functions as an upright as well as a hand held vacuum cleaner, though the suction power may not be as strong as that of the other larger Shark steam cleaners.

Due to several consumers complaining about the weight of Shark cleaners, Shark took the initiative of coming up with more compact products with as much power as the larger products to make life easier for you.

One of these powerful but lightweight masterpieces is the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Canister (NR96) with unique technology to ensure an excellent vacuum experience.

The Shark 2-in-1 Cleaner

Here are the pros and cons of Shark steam cleaning products according to reviews:



  • The larger Shark cleaners are built for heavy duty cleaning and can tackle even the most arduous carpet cleaning tasks. Some of the models also use automatic cord rewind to reduce your work.
  • Disposable bags are used for cleaning.
  • Shark and other Euro Pro products are all widely available online and even replacement parts are easily accessible
  • The steam cleaners are equipped with extra long cords and large wheels, so despite their size, you can wheel them quite easily and bring the steam cleaner all around the house for your general cleaning session.



  • They are noticeably noisy, so it may not be the best choice if you live in a condo, apartment unit, or a townhouse where your neighbors won’t appreciate the noise.
  • Some of the more powerful Shark steamers can be very heavy and bulky. There is no way an average housewife can comfortably carry these products, especially if you have to bring them up the stairs, so make sure to choose the right Shark steam cleaner model that fits your needs.
  • Bad reviews of Shark products question the durability of their products. Some consumers have found some of the models to croak after a few months of use.

Popular Shark Models:

Shark Steam Pocket Mop (S3501)

Euro-Pro Shark S3501 Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop

This model has received a glowing 4 star rating from over 3000 Amazon consumers. Why you may ask?

At 11 lbs not only is it light and easy to carry, but it also packs a big cleaning punch. It clean floors (hardwood, vinyl, tile, you name it!) and it also comes with a carpet glider to refresh and deodorize all of your carpets and area rugs.

The Shark Deluxe steam pocket mop is versatile and it’s “prep” time is a measly 30 seconds.

This cleaner is unique in the sense that its design has been adapted for the home environment. I am usually frustrated by being unable to properly clean those hard to reach corners. But with Shark’s steam mop, this is an issue of the past. With standard and triangular heads, this mop adapts to your needs.

Another feature you’re going to love is the extra long 30′ cord. This improvement makes cleaning the entire house a whole lot easier. The cord length isn’t the only great thing about this model.

The water tank can hold up to approximately 1 3/4 cups which is much more than the capacity of similar models (Haan and Eureka)

Shark Portable Pro Steam Cleaner S3325

(This model is currently unavailable)

Shark Pocket Ultra Steam Blaster

At a price between $80 – $90 the Portable Pro Steam Cleaner is a great deal. It is a good stain remover and is known for its thorough cleaning. However, I must warn that this is for those serious about their cleaning!

This steamer takes 8 to 10 minutes of prep time, however don’t let this deter you. Once you get started steam cleaning, you can continue to do so for a whopping 50 minutes.

With 1500 watts of power, this is one mean cleaning machine. Not only do you get power, but also control. Unlike other steam cleaners, the Shark Pocket Ultra Steam Blaster does not let out a continuous burst of steam but has an electronic trigger to control the steam output.

This Steamer has a 2.5/5 rating among consumers and is increasingly getting negative reviews because the attachments wear out quickly although the steamer itself is top notch.

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