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The Shark Steam Cleaner: A Close Look At The Shark Steam Blaster s3300

The Shark Steam Cleaner:

A Closer Look At The Shark Steam Blaster s3300
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Shark is a household name known to most of us and have a wide range of machines available to make our house cleaning experience much easier.

There are a large selection of Shark Vacuum Cleaners to suit every kind of cleaning need that might come up.


Their Steam Mops are really affordable and will do an excellent job of not only cleaning your floors but also sanitizing it.

The Shark Steam Cleaner is one of the most well known and respected brands of steamers. We will discover why the Shark Steam Blaster s3300 is one of the best cleaners you’ll ever buy!

Shark or Euro Pro steam cleaner has always had the respect and recognition from consumers and companies worldwide.

There are many models of shark steam cleaners but we shall be looking at the Shark Steam Blaster s3300.

This steamer is a multi purpose cleaner which can steam clean kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, high trafficked areas and more.

It is lightweight and even comes with a shoulder strap for easier portability.

The hose is made up of heavy duty material which makes it “crush proof.”

This is quite the versatile steam cleaner as it comes with many accessories and attachments. These include a squeegee, extended concentrator, steam towel, pocket frame, detail brushes and floor mop.

This is a very powerful model at 1,600 watts which is a little higher than most cleaners in the same class and price range.

The tank is able to hold 16 oz. of water and the steam is instantly heated up to 260 degrees.

At $49.99 this steamer is quite inexpensive and affordable especially considering the prices of other similarly featured machines!

The Shark s3300 has a 12 foot cord which is a bit of a disadvantage when you have a wide area to cover. The dimensions are 16 x10 x 10 inches.

It comes with a reusable and washable 2 sided microfiber cover.

Even though this cleaner is great to use on multiple surfaces, it should not be used on unsealed wood floors or on plastic objects and materials.

The Shark Steam Blaster s3300

The Shark steam cleaner is a great investment and has received many glowing recommendations by customers. It is a very robust and sturdily built machine that is sure to give you many years of service.

One such customer’s review stated how well this cleaner worked on his dirty oven where there were layers of caked stains. This steamer is also great on patio doors, showers and can even be used to steam your mattress.

Shark’s incredible assortments of products are easy to use and environmentally friendly.

The brand “Shark” belongs to the parent company called Euro Pro and they have revolutionized the way steam cleaners are regarded today.

They not only have canister type steamers, but also hand held and steam mops.

The Shark Steam Cleaner s3300 may be difficult to source online, however if you can get your hands on one you surely won’t be disappointed.

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