Shark Steam Cleaner Sweeper Vac Reviews

Shark Steam Cleaner
Sweeper Vac Reviews

A review of Shark steam cleaner sweeper vac and their different models. This article will help you decide which one you should choose.

Cleaning has never been easier with Shark’s line of Sweeper Vacs. We shall have a look at some of Shark’s Sweeper’s and their consumer reviews. Some of the models available are:

—Shark VX3 Floor and Carpet Cleaner

—Shark 13″ Rechargeable Floor & Carpet Sweeper (V2950)


—Shark Cordless 3 Speed Sweeper – V1917

—Shark Cordless Floor-and-Carpet Cleaner, V1930

—Shark V1925 Cordless Sweeper- As Seen On Tv

Shark Steam Cleaner Sweeper Vac #1:

The Shark VX3 Floor and Carpet Cleaner

This is a cordless cleaner for both hard surface floors and carpets. This sweeper runs on batteries and can do so for up to 50 minutes on one charge.

It is lightweight, quiet and can easily pick up almost any type of dirt or debris.

Consumers like:

• Lightweight which allows your kids to use it to clean up after themselves

• Great for daily cleaning

• Works well on cat litter and pet fur

Shark VX3 Cordless Floor-and-Carpet Cleaner• It does its job well i.e. picks dirt and other debris from off your floors well

• Great replacement for your broom

Consumers don’t like:

• It is not a heavyweight vacuum cleaner and does not have a lot of suction power

• Does not work as well on carpets, but is great on hardwood floors

What you need to remember about this machine is that it was not meant to replace your vacuum cleaner, but rather your broom.

It is a must have machine for moms and dads as it allows your kids to safely clean while you relax.

Shark Steam Cleaner Sweeper Vac #2:

Shark 13″ Rechargable Floor & Carpet Sweeper (V2950)

This 13 inch rechargeable motorized sweeper (with build in brush) has two speed settings to effectively pick up dirt and debris from hard floors and carpets. The dust cup is easy to empty and the handle can conveniently fold to reach under furniture.

Shark 13

Consumers like:

It is lightweight and so much easier to quickly clean a floor with than pulling a heavy chunky full vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard.

It doesn’t leave wheel marks on hard floors.

It works on both hard floors and carpets.

Consumers don’t like:

That the handle feels flimsy and will seemingly break easily. 

It doesn’t do as well as expected with cat and dog hair.

When the battery isn’t fully charged it doesn’t work as well as on a full charge.


Shark Steam Cleaner Sweeper Vac #3:

Shark Cordless 3 Speed Sweeper – V1917

(Currently not available)

This is a rechargeable cordless sweeper which uses a brush roll system to clean your floors and carpets.

You can purchase a refurbished one for about $35 which isn’t a bad buy when you consider it has a 3 star rating from over 300 consumers.

Consumers like:

• Works great on hardwood floors

• It is convenient, lightweight and lasts up to 45 minutes per charge

• Replaces the broom and dust pan, however it is *not* meant to replace a vacuum as it does not have the suction power

• Works well and picks up just about anything.

Shark Cordless 3 Speed Sweeper - V1917

Consumers don’t like:

• It’s hard to get replacement parts and some consumers report that the sweepers simply did not last.

• The parts are made out of plastic which is not very durable.

• Some report that it doesn’t quite get to all of those dust bunnies

Shark Steam Cleaner Sweeper Vac #3:

Shark Cordless Floor-and-Carpet Cleaner, V1930

(currently unavailable)

This sweeper has a 3.5 star rating and costs about $60.

Consumers like:

• Its compact which allows you to maneuver better

You can pick up a wide range of items from your floors including and not limited to nails, hair, dust, screws, bits of paper and more.

• Emptying the sweeper is simple, simply remove the compartment and dump the debris

• It is quiet and efficient

Consumers did not like:

• It performs well, however does not have a very long life

• Works well for a few months and a lot of users report that it stops working after awhile

• Cheaply made

Shark Steam Cleaner Sweeper Vac #5:

Shark V1925 Cordless Sweeper
As Seen On Tv

(currently unavailable)

This sweeper does not have many consumer reviews, however if you buy one that is refurbished, you can get it at a steal of a deal at about $27.

This cleaner is cordless and is powered by a rechargeable battery. It has great maneuverability as it can swivel and you can also adjust the handle.

One of the best features is that you never have to get your hands dirty even when you’re emptying it!

It empties with the simple push of a button. Overall, you can get about 40 minutes of cleaning from one charge

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