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Series Steam Cleaners Reviews: The Brain Child of the SteamTech Corporation

Series Steam Cleaners Reviews:

The Brain Child of the SteamTech Corporation

We dive into the Series steam cleaners and look at their three main models: The SteamTech Series III, IV and V.

The Series line of steam cleaners was created by a company called SteamTech. SteamTech manufactures sanitation equipment which includes vapor steam cleaners, industrial steam cleaners, coils, gas systems, electrical systems and more.

SteamTech’s line of steam cleaners use the power of steam and pressure washing to clean without the use of harmful chemicals. These SteamTech steam pressure cleaners were designed to meet the sanitation needs of the food industry.

The Series line of steam cleaners were specifically designed for this industry which has very strict sanitation standards to meet. They perform well in commercial kitchens and restaurants. You can use them to completely clean kitchen floors and equipment in at least half the time of traditional cleaning methods.


Using steam and pressure to clean reduces the use of chemical cleaners in these environments which can pose many health threats.

There are many benefits of using Series steam pressure cleaners which include improving the sanitation levels within your business or facility. It can even help you to reduce the number of cleaners you employ as one of these machines can easily do the same work it would take a cleaning team to complete.

These steamers have been in the industry and are widely used and accepted for the past 25 years and counting.

SteamTech Steam Cleaners

The main Series steam cleaners we will be looking at are:

—Series III

—Series IV

—Series V


The SteamTech Series III Steam Cleaner

This machine creates 1000 psi of wet steam pressure which can be used to clean large commercial kitchen floors very quickly. In fact, it is so efficient that one person wielding one of these steamers can do the work of an entire cleaning crew.

You can use this cleaner not only in kitchens but also in schools, hospitals or factories. The temperature can go up to 330° F, its overall weight is 160 lbs and it runs on propane fuel. It will cost you $5,935.00 and is the cheapest of the three Series steamers.


The SteamTech Series IV Steam Cleaner

This machine offers 400 psi more pressure than the previous model (1400 psi) and runs off of 115 V. The construction of this machine is heavy duty and it has stainless steel heat exchanger coils which are unique to this model and other larger models.

This commercial steam cleaner is used in many industries including bottling plants, commercial chains, bakeries and also restaurant kitchens. It is a little heavier than the first model as it weighs 200 lbs and will cost you $7,345.


The SteamTech Series V Steam Cleaner

This steamer is the largest and most powerful machine in this lineup. It creates 1750 psi of wet steam which is almost double that of the Series III steamer. This is the ultimate cleaning machine and you should buy this if you need it to clean huge spaces and equipment.

It is the best when it comes to sanitation, cleaning and the complete elimination of bacteria. Surprisingly, it doesn’t cost much more than the Series IV at $7,879.

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