Sauna Heater Kit Reviews: The 2 Most Trusted Brands For Steam Sauna Kits

Sauna Heater Kit Reviews:

The 2 Most Trusted Brands
For Steam Sauna Kits

This article covers sauna heater kit reviews from the 2 most trusted brands in the industry: Finlandia and Tylo. This will help you choose the best steam sauna kit for you and your sauna.

A sauna’s heater is the heart of every sauna, whether it is the traditional steam sauna, infrared sauna or far infrared sauna. Without the heater or a heating element, you would just have an enclosed room or wooden box.

Therefore, deciding on a high quality heater is essential to building a sauna that will last and perform well.

There are many different types of heaters which include:


• Electric heaters

• Wood burning heaters

• Infrared sauna heaters

• Oil/gas heaters

The majority of heaters used in modern times are infrared heaters which come in different types. These include:

• Ceramic heaters

• Carbon or Fiberglass heaters

• Aluminum heaters

• Incoloy rod heaters

• Quartz heat lamps

When it comes to purchasing a sauna heater, you definitely want to purchase from a company that knows what its doing. These companies are Finlandia Sauna and Tylö.

Finlandia Sauna

Finlandia is a brand that has been associated with the sauna from the very beginning. Their sauna heaters are the “best of the best” and are 100% authentic and made in Finland; the home of the sauna.

They are innovative, of the highest quality and have been constantly improved through testing and development.

The key components include: stainless steel components, free airflow which allows for faster heating and extreme strength and durability of each heater due to its pressed metal design.

Finlandia’s heaters allow you to experience only the best quality of soft steam. This is produced as the heater allows the rocks to come into direct contact with the heating elements.

This is done so that the harsh heat which radiates from 1400° F elements is completely filtered. This eliminates the electromagnetic field which facilitates enjoyable and therapeutic bathing from the soft steam that is created.

Almost all of Finlandia’s sauna heaters use rocks to create that authentic sauna feel.

In order to choose a sauna heater you need to know the size and volume of your sauna as well as the specific electrical specifications. This may be advised by a contractor.

The following are the guidelines for each Finlandia model which will help you choose the best one for you.

Model FIN Series

Sauna Heater kit

Model FLB Series

Sauna Heater kit

Club Model

Sauna Heater kit

Topclass KV

Model Ready AV

Sauna Heater Kit


Tylo is one of the most popular brands in the sauna world and is in fact leading the way.

They are known for their innovation and high quality of heaters. Actually it can be said that they produce the best sauna heaters.

What makes them deserving of this high accolade?

Their sauna heater kits boast:

• Great safety features. You are dealing with heat and steam at high temperatures which are being exposed to delicate human skin. Safety is paramount. Tylo addressed this by creating a Thermosafe covering which covers the heater.

If you accidentally touch the heater, not to worry. The thermosafe cover keeps the surface temperatures very low … about 40 degrees which is completely safe to touch.

• Each Tylo heater uses very little energy and is known for its low energy consumption. It also boasts a low heat up time. This is great for saving money on your electric bill!

Even heating and maintenance of temperature. Most other heaters don’t heat the sauna evenly causing you to feel drastic highs and lows of steam temperature. Tylo has corrected this to produce temperatures that are smooth and consistent.

For more details on Tylo saunas, check out our article: Tylo Sauna Heater.

Looking for Infrared Sauna Heater Kits?

There are many infrared heaters, you can start by checking out these manufacturers:

• SaunaKing

• Di Vapor

• Eze Sauna

• Brighton Sauna

• American Infrared Sauna Co.

• Miracle Heat

• QCA Saunas

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