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Saeco Piccolo Steam Cleaner: A Saeco Steam Cleaner Review

Saeco Piccolo Steam Cleaner:

A Saeco Steam Cleaner Review

This is our Saeco Piccolo steam cleaner reviews where we look at the Saeco Piccolo 95 which is highly rated and is a rare combination of excellent quality and affordability.

Saeco steam cleaners are known to be dependable, trustworthy and will do an excellent job at cleaning your home. This is not the average steam cleaner and can eliminate all manner of dirt, grime and bacteria.

However, there is only one model that is currently available and that is the Saeco Piccolo 95. This is a canister type steamer that we will now fully review. The sad news is that it very difficult to find in the US. If you can get your hands on one – grap it!


The Saeco Piccolo 95

This steamer can be described as being handy and quite powerful. You can use it to clean your floors, counters, kitchen and bathroom surfaces among others. This steamer cleans without using detergents or other cleaning solutions and can easily handle scale buildup and greasy messes.


You can control the steam by using the lever on the handle and this will allow you to regulate the pressure and flow of steam. It cleans because the steam loosens the dirt which makes it much easier to simply wipe or vacuum away.

This Saeco Piccolo steam cleaner has a stainless steel boiler and is designed in such a way that it actually uses less water to create steam than many other steamers. There is also an indicator light that will let you know when you can begin using it as well as when the water levels are low.

Saeco Piccolo Steam Cleaner

This is one of the few steamers that have a stainless steel boiler and costs less that $300, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

It is powered by 1250 watts, 120 V and is UL listed. Besides steam cleaning, it also does an excellent job at purifying the air which is great for allergy sufferers.

The Piccolo comes with numerous attachments which include: 2 wands, a floor tool, triangular nozzle and small round brush. One of the safety features of this machine is that it has a slide and lock mechanism which prevents steam from coming out while you’re changing the attachments or if you need to step out for a moment.

This canister steamer is supported on small plastic wheels, however, the cleaner is quite small itself so it is very easy to carry around. The unit will take about 7 minutes to heat up before it is ready for use and the temperatures can reach to about 190 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Saeco Piccolo steam cleaner performs really well in comparison to other more expensive steamers. One consumer just has this to say: “Wow!” which I think completely summarizes the performance and capability of this cleaner.

One of the more interesting features is the ability to control the pressure of the steam and this unit offers a lot of pressure! When you combine the power of steam and pressure, the Piccolo outclasses other steamers. It can power through mold, grease, grout and stains.

When using this steamer, because of the intensity, it is recommended that you keep the kids far away! Do take normal safety precautions as pressurized steam and heat are not a good combination on skin.

Consumers and users of this product mostly adore this steamer. Their main concern is the availability of it in the US, so if you can’t source one on Amazon, then Ebay is your best bet.

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