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Rainbow Steam Cleaner: A Comprehensive Review

Rainbow Steam Cleaner:

A Comprehensive Review

This article reviews the Rainbow steam cleaner which is an “As seen on Tv” product. We look at the features and consumer reviews.

Rainbow is a brand that is well known for producing quality vacuum cleaners. This company has a rich history dating back more than 80 years ago.

Rainbow offers a unique cleaning system that was spear headed by T. Russ Hill. Hill wanted to incorporate the use of water to trap dust and dirt from floors and carpets. As a result of his innovative thinking, Rainbow vacuums use water at the core of their system.

Rainbow Steamer


Besides vacuums, Rainbow developed a steam cleaner which we shall now review. This steamer has been widely advertised on Tv and has harnessed the power of steam to clean.

The Rainbow Steamer HC1222 is environmentally friendly as it does not use chemicals or detergents to clean and it is able to naturally sanitize and deodorize living spaces. It uses water which is converted to pressurized steam which when applied to dirty surfaces loosens the bonds between the dirt particles.

If you suffer from allergies or chemical sensitivity, then this is an excellent cleaning solution. The steam not only cleans surfaces, but it also cleans the air from bacteria and germs. It eliminates dust mites, mold and other allergens which can trigger allergies.

This steamer also has a safety cap as well as a child safety lock which are great features to have if you have a young family as well as for your own safety. Steam is very dangerous to unprotected skin and can cause scalding and serious burns.

One of the great features of the Rainbow steam cleaner is that it produces more steam on less water than other similar steamers.

This allows you to get twice as much steaming time in between refills which is great if you need to clean large spaces. The extra long power helps you to clean large areas with ease and without needing to search for additional power outlets.

Each of these Rainbow steamers also offer a lifetime warranty which is unmatched. With every purchase you get a wide assortment of attachments:

  • Steamer Base Unit
  • Flexible Hose
  • Wide Steam Nozzle
  • Cloth Covering for Wide Steam Nozzle (4)
  • Curved Nozzle
  • Jet Nozzle
  • Nylon Brushes (2)
  • Brass Brushes (2)
  • Squeegee
  • Round Scrub Pad
  • Measuring Cup
  • Funnel and Carrying Bag

You can use them to clean BBQ grills, kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, toys, drapery etc.

In addition to it being a great steam cleaner it is also great at steaming clothing, curtains and delicate fabrics.

Rainbow Steamer HC1222


So what do consumers think?

There seems to be some discrepancies when it comes to claiming the lifetime warranty. It seems that if you buy one through a dealer other than Rainbow like Amazon, then the warranty may just be for a year.

Also, from each fill you get about 20 minutes of steam time and you have to wait about 5 minutes for the unit to cool off before you can refill it. Some consumers found this annoying but it is a necessary safety precaution.

One consumer reported that dropping a small amount of dish washing detergent onto a stain and then blasting it with steam did make a huge difference to harder to move stains.

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