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Pullman Steam Cleaner Reviews

Pullman Steam Cleaner Reviews

We review the Pullman steam cleaner, specifically the Pullman-Holt Executive Housekeeper steam cleaner which can be bought through HSN.

This article covers the Pullman-Holt Executive Housekeeper steam cleaner review which is widely advertised on HSN. The first thing to note about this steamer is that it is capable of cleaning just about anything and the only limitation is your imagination.

It is lightweight and easily portable and you can use it to clean your car, patio, oven, stove, floors, upholstery and more.

The main features of this product include an ergonomic trigger which is easy to grip and use. It has a cordless option which allows you to steam for as much as 5 minutes without power. This portable steamer sports a stainless steel boiler which can create dry steam with temperatures up to 240 degrees.


Pullman Steam Cleaner

It comes with numerous accessories which include: a floor brush, detail brush, glass and tile squeegee, concentrator nozzle, extension tubes, angle adaptor, shoulder strap, triangular brush, wallpaper remover and a very flexible steam hose.

There are many consumer reviews of this steamer which we shall cover.

Consumers liked that it is very easy to use and is quite versatile. Changing attachments is easy and it heats up quickly in about 5 minutes. Many found that it delivered on its promises and cleans very well.

The quality of build is very high and the wide range of attachments is very useful. It is great for using in the bathroom, especially for cleaning scale and grime.

If you have pets, you will enjoy using this to clean up after them, as it quickly sanitizes pet messes which make you think it was never there to begin with.

It costs a mere $89 which is an amazing deal especially when you realize that this steamer has a stainless steel boiler. Most other steam cleaners with stainless steel boilers cost in the range of $150+.

If you have a lot of built up dirt and grime, then this is the steamer for you. One consumer reported that the dirt literally melted off with this steamer when she was renovating a 100 year old house.

The attachments and parts of this steamer were found to be well made and durable which is rare.

The bad points of this steamer indicate that they found the shoulder strap was not of good quality and broke easily. Some also found that the filler cap was awkwardly placed and wished it has an onboard storage for the attachments.

Some consumers also found that the steam was not hot enough which conflicts many reports by other steamers. If you think you received a defective product, make sure to return it as defects would not showcase the true ability and performance of a steamer.

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