Presto Pressure Cookers

Presto Pressure Cookers

The Presto Stainless Pressure Cooker

Presto pressure cookers

The Presto Pressure cookers still have the “old fashioned” design, but work with modern day efficiency.

The company behind Presto has a long history and was founded in 1905 in Wisconsin. Their first step into pressure cookers was fifty gallon pressure canners.

The pressure cookers of today are quiet, safe and use very little energy. They look good, clean easily and are simple to use and save a lot of time.


Read the Presto Pressure Cookers review below:


  • The Presto Pressure Cookers can be used on gas, electric coil and smooth top ranges. The newest stainless steel pots can also be used on induction ranges.
  • You have a choice between stainless steel and aluminum pots. The newer stainless steel pots have tri-clad bases to ensure even and quick distribution of heat.
  • The pressure regulator, that is markedly quieter than the old ones, will maintain the required pressure automatically.
  • It is safe with a lid that locks into place until pressure has been released, a pop up pressure indicator, a steam release mechanism and an overpressure plug.
  • The Presto pressure cooker manual is clear, easy to understand and the Presto pressure cooker recipes are manageable and delicious.
  • It is dishwasher safe and can be immersed in water if you remove the sealing ring and overpressure plug.
  • 12 year limited warranty.


Presto Pressure Cooker Instructions

This is another area where Presto has really done well. The instruction manual, that includes a balanced range of recipes, is really good. The user explanations are clear, well illustrated and user friendly. You will actually know what to do after reading it.

The recipes cover dishes that we all know and love. They use ingredients we usually have readily available and it was easy to follow and put together. What I really like is that the recipes that I tried worked the first time I used them. No adjustments and fiddling were needed.


The pressure regulator

The pressure regulator is your most important aid when using your pressure pot. It is your visual and audio checkpoint for knowing that everything is working as it should.

The pressure regulator is your most important aid when using your pressure pot. It is your visual and audio checkpoint for knowing that everything is working as it should.

The pressure regulator is located in the lid and uses gravity to work.

Presto pressure cookers Pressure regulator

It rocks back and forth when the steam reaches the right temperature. This is your cue to turn the heat down so that a gently rocking motion is maintained. This is also when you should set your timer.

If you don’t turn the heat down, too much steam and therefore liquid will be lost and your food will be dried out and burned.

Before using your Presto pressure cooker make sure that the tiny hole is not clogged by holding it against a light source. Also take note that if you overfill the pot it can become clogged.


Presto Pressure Cooker Parts

The good news is that replacement parts are easy to find and affordable.

Take a look the Presto pressure cooker seals that are all priced under $10:

Presto pressure cooker parts1
Presto pressure cooker parts2
Presto pressure cooker parts3



It is important to keep the hole in the pressure regulator open and clean. Use a small brush or pipe cleaner to clean and pour boiling water through it for extra measure.

Use vegetable oil on the seal to extend its life. A dab of oil on a paper towel is more than adequate to smear the seal with every few weeks.


    • You are getting a sturdy, quality pot for a very affordable price. Cheap is not bad news in this instance.
    • It is safe to use. You won’t be able to unlock the top if it is still under pressure.
      You need to run cold water over it if your want to release the pressure quickly since it has no instant pressure relief valve – much safer than releasing a steam of scalding steam into your kitchen.
    • It has no complicated bells and whistles to figure out. It has a good design, is simple to use and will last for years to come.

easy to find and replace parts

  • The instruction manual is good and the recipes that is included with it are easy to follow and delicious.
  • The Presto customer service is a rarity in that is helpful, efficient and friendly.
  • Replacement parts are easy to find and not overpriced.

Presto pressure cookers


There are only two negatives I could find:

  • The handles: the screws that’s supplied with the cooker are not made of stainless steel and tend to loosen after a while. Repeated tightening will easily strip the screws and you may need to get replacements for them.
    Presto consumer services are quick to send you proper stainless steel screws if you ask for them.
  • The screws in the handles and lid tend to rust after a while causing a health hazard. Once again you will need to replace them.

Presto Pressure Cookers for Home Use

The cookers listed below are all made of stainless steel and would suit most of the uses you might dream up for them. Be ready to be surprised when you click on the images to see how low their prices are:

Presto Stainless Pressure Cooker1
Presto Stainless Pressure Cooker 2
Presto Stainless Pressure Cooker 3

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