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Pressure Cooker Cookbook

The Pressure Cooker Cookbook

You have a pressure cooker but not really sure what to do with it?
Well, how about some pressure cooker books to spell things out for you?

On this page we will look at some of the best pressure cooker cookbooks around. I hope that it will not only help you master your pressure cooker but also inspire you to become a super cook!

The first pressure cooker cookbook we look at is perfect for beginners and those who need a refresher course:

Miss Vickie’s Big Book
of Pressure Cooker Recipes

Pressure cooker cookbook


This is truly a big book at 2 inches thick and consisting of 480 pages. It is described as the pressure cooker bible and is especially useful for the novice pressure cooker user.

It has around 100 pages explaining all the ins and outs of using a pressure cooker followed by 380 pages of practical, easy to follow recipes.

Although the author, Vickie Smith, focuses her book on the stove-top manual pressure cooker most of the recipes can easily be converted for electric pressure cookers.

An added bonus is that you are shown how to convert your own recipes to pressure cooker recipes.

Handy charts show the pressure (PSI) and cooking times for all of the different foods that makes an excellent reference guide when you feel like venturing out on your own or when you need a quick refresher.

The negatives are that there are no pictures in the book and the focus is mainly on the manual pressure cooker.

Pressure Perfect: Two Hour Taste in
Twenty Minutes Using Your Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker Cook Books

This is the perfect next step pressure cooker cookbook for those of you that are feeling relatively comfortable with your cooker and want to focus on the nitty critty of the recipes itself.

The first part of the book focuses on teaching you how to use your cooker and has more than adequate information for the first time use. However, the real value of the book lies in die around 200 recipes that is included in the rest of the book.

The author, Lorna Sass, not only supplies us with easy recipes, but takes it a few steps further by explaining how a pressure cooker works and what would happen if you do this or that.

She also shows us how to exchange a few ingredients to turn a dish into something else.

This enables you to personalize her recipes into your own unforgettable meals with ease and gives you a thorough understanding how it works.

The negative is that no pictures are included. She tends to use specialty ingredients in her recipes that you won’t be able to find in your local shop, but that are easily available online through merchants such as Amazon – so its not so bad.

Several consumers mentioned that the cheesecake recipe is an absolute must to try.

She is a well-known writer in the pressure cooking field and have written a string of very good books. You can have a look at the rest of them here: Books written by Lorna Sass

See Pressure Cooker Books for a list of the best pressure cooker books that is available now and you’ll be able to make your own choice of the best book for your needs.

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