Portable Steam Rooms Reviews

Portable Steam Rooms:

On this page we review portable steam rooms to help you choose the best one for you and your home. There are many room saunas steam units available, which include the AromaSteam steam room.

There are different meanings of the word “portable” especially when it comes to steam rooms.

  • A portable unit can either be one that is easy to set up (within 20 minutes to half an hour) or one that is simply a modular design that you can buy from the store and set up.
  • The second type has a more permanent placement, and is only referred to as “portable” because it is mostly ready-made.
  • The third type of “portable” refers to a steam room that can be set up in a few minutes and can be folded and stored away after use. These are also referred to as portable saunas and are made from special fabric.

Now that you know what can be meant by the term “portable” you can now decide which one you’re looking for.

Why Go Portable In The First Place?

There are numerous advantages of having a portable steam room. The traditional type of steam room is built into the house and those contractor fees can be quite expensive! Not to mention maintenance…


Some advantages of portable steam rooms include:

  • Save On Space: Now, more than ever, space is a rare commodity. In a world of high rise apartments and exorbitant prices per square foot, we simply don’t have as much space as we’d like. A portable steam room is great because it takes up less space and you can even fold some away after use.
  • Less Expensive: A portable sauna or room will cost between $100 – $2,500 whereas non portable types can cost as much as $5,000 +
  • Easy To Set Up: Portable means easy to set up and easy to take down. If you don’t like complexity … this is the steam room for you.

Despite many of these advantages there are also disadvantages:

Portable types are less durable, especially the material types. Also, they are quite small, so if you have problems with claustrophobia, then you might want to rethink.

Recommended Portable Steam Unit:

The Beauty Home Steam Sauna – IG290P

This is a material/fabric type sauna which is extremely easy to set up and fold up after use. It will only cost you around $225, which is a great deal. You get the sauna/ steam room experience whenever you want without the cost.

It comes with a steamer pot where you pour water into and plug in. Within a few minutes the room will be ready for use. If the water runs low, it has an automatic shut off mechanism – so no need to worry about that!

This unit has a four star rating on Amazon and consumers have the following to say about it:

• Works extremely well

• They liked the high and turbo optional settings which allow for more and faster steam

• Great for detoxification, relaxation and other benefits associated with steam bathing

Beauty Home Steam Sauna - IG290P

• Extremely easy to clean: simply dump the water and wipe the inner walls

The Beauty Home Steam Sauna –IG290P is simply a great affordable steam room that will give you great value for your dollar.

The AromaSteam Sauna

This is a fully portable unit that is 43 inches in diameter and 66 inches tall. It weighs 85 lbs and the steam can reach a maximum of 130 degrees.

It is very easy to set up which takes just a few minutes. You can place it anywhere you wish – in your bedroom, home gym or in the bathroom.

This unit is great for relaxation and is especially great if you suffer from arthritis, asthma and other respiratory problems.

The features include:

• Aromatherapy

Portable Steam Room

• Digital controls and remote

• Plugs into your regular 115V/13A socket

• Does not leak- you can place it anywhere

• Includes bench

• Specially made to prevent mold or bacteria growth

• Condensation runs into the base so that you can easily empty it after use

Consumers have found it to be efficient, effective, quiet and of high quality. They have also found it to be easy to use and set up; however, taking it apart takes a little elbow grease.


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