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Portable Steam Cleaners & Handheld Steam Cleaners -The Joy of Easy Cleaning

Portable Steam Cleaners
& Handheld Steam Cleaners:

The Joy of Easy Cleaning

As the names imply, portable steam cleaners and handheld steam cleaners are equipment which use steam to clean surfaces. Being portable and handheld simply means that they can be easily carried around whenever a tight spot needs your attention.

These two cleaners are great for cleaning upholstery or steam cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

They basically work the same way that standards steam cleaners do – as water and cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet, then pulled back using steam and pressure.

There are a variety of steam cleaners that you can choose from, including upright models, canister types and handheld steam cleaners.


The Upside

As mentioned earlier, these cleaners work in such a way that once water is sprayed onto the surface along with the cleaning solution, the mechanism sucks back the moisture along with the dirt, grime, dust mites and all other unwanted particles.

The pressurized heat is able to kill the germs, allergens and bacteria – so aside from cleansing, these cleaners are also able to sanitize surfaces.

Now, as compared to the standard steamers which are available in the market today, what are the benefits of using hand held cleaners? Take a look at the following list:

-Portable steam cleaners are able to get rid of the deeply embedded dirt and dust particles on carpeted floors, upholstered furniture pieces, tile grouts, windows, stoves and any other surface that needs to be cleaned.

-By making use of these mini cleaners, you do not have to lug around heavy equipment so your effort in cleaning will be minimized.

-The size of portable steam cleaners allows homeowners to carry and use them to clean hard-to-reach areas around the house.

-Just like other types of steam cleaners, the process wherein steam and water is used eliminates the need for harsh, abrasive chemicals to be utilized in cleaning surfaces.

As such, your home will smell cleaner without having that chemical scent to it and it’s also safer for the health of your family members.

-You can use portable steam cleaners or handheld steam cleaners to clean vehicles, high windows, counter tops, and almost every other surface that you can think of.

Portable Handheld Steamer

-There are portable deep cleaners which come with a variety of nozzles and attachment to make it easier for you to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Top Recommended Hand Held Cleaner

Steamfast SF-226

One of the best handheld steam cleaners in the market today is the Steamfast SF-226. It can be ideally used for light cleaning jobs. The 6-ounce tank holds enough water for approximately buy brand clonazepam 2 mg online eight minutes of steaming time.

Top Recommended Portable Cleaner

Bissell 9500 Upright Steam Cleaner

The Bissell 9500 portable steam cleaner comes in an upright model for easy portability. It has a built-in heater which heats tap water up to 25 degrees hotter than ordinary portable steam cleaners so that maximum results can be achieved.

Another highlight of this steam cleaner is its two DirtLifter PowerBrush rolls which safely lift out dirt while gently grooming the fibers of your carpet. It also has the Dry Aire feature which speeds up the process of drying the moisture off the carpet.

How about the Disadvantages?

Perhaps the only disadvantage to using portable steam cleaners is that the steam may accidentally get in contact with your skin. There could also be a need for you to pre-spray an area for the cleaning to be truly effective.

Finally, handheld steam cleaners limit you to finishing light cleaning tasks only. If you are dealing with dust, dirt and grime which is spread over a large surface, it is still best to use the traditional-sized steam cleaners.

A Final Word about Using Portable & Handheld Steam Cleaners

At the end of the day, these cleaners are ideal for light cleaning jobs which require you to use steam rather than cleaning solutions. They work exactly the same way that traditional steam cleaners do, only they are more portable so they can be lugged around while you’re cleaning hard-to-reach areas of the house.

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