Polti Steam Cleaners Reviews

Polti Steam Cleaners Reviews

A review of Polti steam cleaners and their various models.

The Polti company was founded by Franco Polti in 1978. This company has a philosophy of innovation and sought to use the power of steam to make house work easier. Their first main product was the steam iron.

In 1983 the Vaporetto was invented. This is a steam cleaning machine that was meant to clean while being environmentally friendly. The Polti steam cleaner was born, however Polti did not just stop at producing steam irons and steam cleaners.

They developed a vacuum cleaner with a water filter called the Lecologico and then the Vaporetto Lecoaspira. This machine is a combination of the vacuum, steam cleaner and water filter that is capable of cleaning, washing, suctioning, drying and filtering the air.


Today, this company still produces all of its products in Italy which allows the company to retain full control of all processes and maintain quality to the highest standard. They produce cleaners for both the home and industrial use, and we shall now look at some of their top performers.

Most of the vapor cleaners by Polti can be bought from their official website, but only some are available from Amazon. This model is the Polti 1030R Vaporetto Steam cleaner and is the first of their steamers we will review.

The Polti Vaporetto Steam Cleaner

The Vaporetto Handy Multi-Surface Portable Steam Cleaner  produces high grade “dry steam” that will allow you to clean and disinfect surfaces around your home. It will kill 98% of dust mites and neutralize allergens.

If you suffer from allergies, then this machine will certainly be a godsend. Because it produces dry steam you can safely use it to steam clean your mattress to get rid of bed bugs.

Using this steamer to clean your home is an excellent choice as it will power through the dirt and grime easier than other cleaners. This machine has numerous safety mechanisms in place and also boasts exclusive Polti patents that exceed safety regulations.

The Polti Vaporetto Steam Cleaner

So what are the features of this cleaner?

• Aluminum Extra AL boiler (you can use tap water)

• 1.5 liters capacity

• Steam cleaning time up to 1.5 hours

• Has a pressostat

• Vapor regulation features

• Standard attachments: extension tubes, nozzle, cotton cloths, variable sized brushes, squeegee, refill bottle and more.

Besides this model, there are may other Polti steam cleaners. This include a line called the Vaporetto Lecoaspira. There are 6 models in this line: The Intelligent, Animal, AS 715, AS 712, AS 705 and the AS 690.

The main features include digital LCD controls, eco active water filter, 10 preset clean programs, HEPA filter and of course, continuous refill.

Additionally, Polti has launched a new steam disinfector called the Steam Disinfector for Vaporetto. This can be connected to other Vaporetto models and is meant to provide extra disinfecting power when you need it. It overheats the steam to about 180 degrees which can allow you to sanitize your bathroom and toilets with ease.

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