Ozone Steam Sauna Reviews: Where To Get Ozone Steam Cabinet Saunas To Buy & More

Ozone Steam Sauna Reviews:

Where To Find Ozone Steam
Cabinet Saunas To Buy & More

This is our Ozone steam sauna reviews with details on where you can get ozone steam cabinet saunas to buy. Steam therapy is known to have some remarkable benefits which we will cover in this article.

It has been previously discussed that there are innumerable benefits of using a steam sauna or infrared sauna. People have been using steam for centuries: the Romans, Finnish, Dutch even people in India and China.

The use of steam saunas has been widespread throughout human history and for good reason. The steam therapy increases blood circulation, enhances relaxation, improves skin tone, detoxifies the body and other benefits.

So what is Ozone steam therapy?

This is an improvement to the sauna which has added to its many benefits. But what is Ozone?


It is exactly what is sounds like or what you think. Ozone is the gas which is found naturally about 20-30 km from the earth’s surface. Basically, ozone gas (O3) is created from the reaction of oxygen (O2) with the UV rays emitted by the sun. In essence, Ozone is highly energized oxygen which has proven to have many health benefits.

One of the most valued benefits is its ability to clean the blood and detoxify the body. It is recommended for everyone, with the exception of pregnant women and young children. If you are very ill or suffer from cardiac problems it is best to consult your doctor first.

Most people are completely surprised by the results of a 50 minute session in an Ozone steam sauna. The toxins will literally draw out of your body and will be apparent as residue on your towel. This shouldn’t be cause for alarm in any case, because it is doing exactly what it’s supposed to!

Ozone Steam Sauna Cabinets

These saunas are a bit different than you are usually accustomed to and resemble white fiberglass cabinets. Unlike other saunas, only your body is exposed to the steam and ozone and not your head. While you sit in the unit, the mixture of steam and ozone can be regulated and each treatment should last between 30 to 50 minutes.

As soon as you are finished the treatment, it is advised you take a cold shower and clean off with a wash cloth. By having a cold shower you will be helping your pores to close to prevent toxins from re-entering your body.

Specific Benefits of Ozone Therapy
and Purchasing Details

Ozone therapy is a bit controversial, which is quite expected. However, one can’t knock it until after you try it!

Some benefits include: speeding up healing, purifies the blood,reduces and inhibits the growth of cancer cells, reduces pain and calms your nerves, helps degenerative and communicable diseases and more.

Purchasing an Ozone sauna, seems to be quite elusive. These units are quite expensive running as much as over $7,000.

Websites that you can contact to purchase are Healiohealth.com and oxygenspasuperstore.com

If buying one of these machines is not possible, there are some portable ozone saunas available. Another option is to visit a spa or therapy center which offers this service.

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