Monster Steam Cleaner Reviews, Instructions & Models

Monster Steam Cleaner Reviews,
Instructions & Models

A complete review of the Monster steam cleaner and their various models which include the Monster EX1-XL Pro Floor Steamer, the Monster steam cleaner SC60, 1200 and EZ1 steam mop.

The brand Monster was created by Euroflex Ltd. Euroflex is one of Europe’s fastest growing manufacturers of steam irons, steam cleaners and other related products.

Euroflex’s products boast Italian quality and design and their main base is in Southampton, England.

The line of Monster Steam Cleaners offered by Euroflex that we will review here is as follows:


  • Monster EZ1-XL Pro Floor Steamer
  • Euroflex EZ1 Steam Mop
  • Monster SC20 1200 Heavy duty hand held
  • Euroflex SC60

Monster EZ1-XL Pro Floor Steamer

Many manufacturers add a feature or two to a steamer and tout it as a revolutionary new product that will change the world but we all know it is just sales talk to help sell their product. This is different.

I can truly say the new Monster EX1-XL Pro Floor Steamer is a huge improvement on the already great EZ1 Steam Mop and I will even go so far as to say it is the EZ1 on steroids.

Let’s take a closer look:

Monster EZ1-XL Pro Floor Steamer


Unlike other steam mops the Monster EX1-XL has a dual tank that includes a pressurized broiler which produces high temperatures and steam that dries very fast. The machine goes far on a tank and there is no sputtering, just a consistent stream of very hot steam.

The extra large 16 inch wide mop base with the washable microfiber pads will shorten your cleaning time dramatically.

This baby has 2 sets of jets.  The jets at the bottom are activated when you pull the handle down from the upright position and the jets at the front of the mop for cleaning baseboard, stairs, and hard-to-reach nooks can be activated by a trigger on the handle.

What customers said about it:

They love the bigger mop foot area, how far you can go with the water tank and the ease of using this machine.  Being a true steamer it is great for those who prefer to avoid chemicals when cleaning.

Great customers service.

A common complaint is that you have to wait around 10 minutes for it to cool down before you are able to refill the water tank.  It is tedious waiting but it is good to know that you are working with really hot pressurized water that does produce steam that will truly sanitize your floors.  This is the real deal.

Although the machine is of excellent quality several customers felt the handle may be flimsy in comparison and that the height adjustment snap didn’t always stay in place.

The Euroflex EZ1 Steam Mop, the Monster SC20 1200 Heavy duty hand held Steam cleaner and the Euroflex SC60 Monster Steam Cleaner (reviewed below) are currently unavailable and it isn’t clear when or if they will be available again.

Bissell Steam Shot
PowerFresh Steam Mop


The Euroflex EZ1 Steam Mop

The most popular Monster Steam Cleaner model is the Euroflex Monster Floor Steam Cleaner. This steam mop is capable of cleaning both carpets, bare floors and does an exceptional job at doing so. The Carpet sledge attachment allows it to steam clean carpets where it loosens dirt from within the carpet’s fibers and make easy work for your vacuum cleaner.

This steamer has a 12 inch cleaning path which is a larger than average path which allows you to clean more with the least amount of work.

The steam emitted from the machine can reach temperatures up to 266°F powered by a 1,000 Watt heating element. This is chemical free cleaning at its best as germs, bacteria and other microorganisms don’t stand a chance. It has a double steam jet which steams through the front and bottom. This is a unique feature which allows you to clean corners and edges easily.

Euroflex EZ1 Steam Mop

There are four steam levels which allow you great control on the temperature and pressure of the steam. The low setting is meant for delicate vinyl or laminate floors, the 2 medium settings for hardwood floors and the high setting for carpets or heavily soiled floors.

Steam cleaning with this steam mop is easy as it only takes 3 minutes to heat up and it has a 25 foot long power cord. That is plenty of space to clean and move around with your steamer.


Consumer Reviews of the Euroflex EZ1

Many consumers loved this steam mop, they agree that it does a wonderful and thorough job on floors, especially tile and other bare floors. It is very similar to the Eureka Enviro steamer and many liked that it had 2 steam vents which allowed for a better cleaning experience.

Some found that the handle was a bit flimsy and because of the design, it is difficult to clean under cabinets and other furniture. This steam mop is great for cleaning your hardwood floors, and best of all it leaves no streaks.

This Monster steam cleaner is a great machine and is far superior when compared to other steam mops. It is easier to push around than the Shark steam mop and it doesn’t leave your floors as wet as the Bissell.

Also, the customer service on this product is great; the customer reps are helpful and very knowledgeable.

Monster SC20 1200 Heavy duty hand held

This Monster steam cleaner is a hand held wonder. The design in itself is quite attractive in orange and black. However the looks of a steamer isn’t the reason you buy it, so here are its features:

• 1,200 Watts

• Kills 99% of germs including E. Coli, Staph etc

• Will cost you under $50

• Weighs 3 lbs

• 30 day money back policy

• 15’ cord

There are very few consumer reviews on this product but those that do exist are mixed. Some say that it works well and others were disappointed that it did not work as advertised.

It is a bit awkward when steaming your clothes as you have to hold the steam trigger with one hand and hold the steaming connection with the other which leaves you with no hands free to help adjust your garment.

The Euroflex SC60 Monster Steam Cleaner

This Monster steam cleaner is a canister type cleaner which can be used for numerous purposes. You can clean your kitchen and bathroom sinks, tubs, floors, carpets, walls, toilets, car tires, grout and everywhere else.

The Euroflex SC60 unit comes with enough attachments to make all of your cleaning jobs easy. These attachments include an extension wand, nozzle, detailed brushes and even a shoulder strap. Mobility is made easy with the shoulder strap and it also has sturdy wheels to enable this. This steam cleaner produces super heated dry steam which can reach temperatures of 130° C and 3.8 bar pressure.

Euroflex SC60

The steamer only takes 6 minutes to get ready and can then steam for up to an hour. Refilling it doesn’t take very long as it just needs 5 minutes to cool down in between refills. Best of all, this steam cleaner has a stainless steel boiler which is rare to get in a cleaner within this price range.

The consumer reviews of this Monster Steam Cleaner indicate that it is a great buy and well worth the money. It is a powerful steamer that will get the job done quickly and easily. It is easy to use, lightweight and is not very noisy. The few cons are that they should have included some more attachments and some consumers think that the steam could have been hotter.

Overall, this is a great machine, it’s very sturdy and you certainly get a very high quality for its relatively low price.

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