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Mira Bella Steam Mop Reviews: The Good and The Bad

Mira Bella Steam Mop Reviews:

The Good and The Bad

A review of the Mira Bella steam mop, is this “As Seen On Tv” product worth your money?

This mop is an “as seen on tv” product and it simply works. This mop is capable of cleaning and taking care of even the toughest cleaning jobs. You don’t have to worry about those tough stains, spills and messes. Mira Bella will take care of them all.

This steam mop does it all with only the power of heat and steam. This is a very safe method of cleaning that will leave your floors sparkling and safe for your family and beloved pets.

The last thing you’d want is your baby or pet crawling around on floors that are covered in chemicals. Using chemicals is particularly harmful when you think about the possibilities of your child or pet accidentally ingesting them.


Mira Bella Steam Mop

Childrens skin is more permeable than an adult’s skin and as a result is more sensitive to its environment. By using chemicals to mop your floors, you need to become aware of the possible harmful effects.

The Mira Bella steam mop uses only the power of steam to penetrate and deep clean your floors. You can use it on a wide range of floor surfaces which include tile, laminate, ceramic, linoleum, slate, granite, sealed hardwood floors and more.

Each Mira Bella has an enhanced steam projection which allows for an even more thorough clean. The multi fiber technology of the cleaning pads allows the mop to absorb dirt and grime easily off of your floors and it is reusable. All you have to do is wash the pads after every use, dry them and you can reuse them as much as you desire.

Each Mira Bella mop is powered by an 800 watt heating element and it is very lightweight. This mop only weighs 3 lbs, so you don’t have to worry about the ease of portability. The fifteen foot power cord is quite long which allows you to move around the room freely and clean with ease.

This mop is very durable and its head is 12” wide which allows for a wide cleaning path. These mops are great to use and are very inexpensive, actually, one of the cheapest in the market at $25. Using one of these mops isn’t limited; you can use it to clean your patio, kitchen, bathroom, foyer, basement and more.

What are other people saying about this mop?

The reviews indicate that it is simply a “great product!” It is easy to use, fast and effective. It easily picks up pet hair and fur and the pads are reusable which is a huge plus. Many have found that this is a great daily cleaner, but not the best choice for tough stains. For the price ($25), it is definitely worth it. The negative reviews of this steam mop have found that the mop is cheaply made and the handle pops off regularly and is difficult to put back into place.

With every product there will always be the pros and cons, and it is up to you to decide based on both good and bad reviews.


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