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Lake Steam Bath: A Review Of The Lake Steam Bath House – Denver Colorado

Lake Steam Bath:

A Review Of The Lake Steam Bath House
Denver Colorado

The Lake Steam Bath offers a relaxing get away from the stresses of daily life. Steam, water, eucalyptus … what more can you ask for?

Lake Steam Bath - Denver

A few quick informational facts first:

The Lake Bath is located in the mountain state of Denver Colorado. Their address is 3540 W Colfax Ave Denver, CO 80204 and they can be reached at (303) 825-2995.


Affordable, Clean, Rustic and A Bit Dated

These are the key words used to describe this establishment. While this certainly isn’t a ritzy spa, it is a local favorite with both locals and international guests.

If you are a bit shy, then this is the place to draw you out of your shell as customers use the steam baths, steam shower, steam room and sauna communally with only a towel draping their naked forms.

There certainly are a lot of forms – young, old, the fit, the ill, you name it, you will see it all. However, Lake Steam bath maintains strict rules where ladies and men have separate designated days for using the facilities.

The female days are Monday, Thursdays and 1 Sunday per month between October and April. The Mens days are Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Many will say that the male only days do tend to attract the gay community, however all sexual hanky panky is strictly prohibited.

The first impression of this place depends on your tastes. The décor is quite dated reminiscent of the 70’s and is relatively simple. In fact, many admirers of this place say that it’s like being able to take a time machine back to the old time days.

So what can you expect?

The health benefits that you would derive from steam baths far outweigh their extremely affordable rates. The entrance fee is around $15 and allows you to spend the day in the facility.

The first thing you should do, is of course shower and then use the steam room which uses Eucalyptus to open your pores and helps toxins to come out. After this, you should shower and then on to the sauna.

According to the staff, this is the best order of treatment in order to obtain the best effects. After the sauna, take another shower and then soak in the hot tub.

This order allows your body to be heated in layers which affects your muscles and tendons and makes you more pliable for the massage.

Their massage is also quite affordable at only $30 per hour. Their most expensive treatment costs only $45 and they offer mud wraps, salt scrubs, hot rock massages and more.

They also offer reflexology treatments. This is where pressure is applied on different areas of the body which help in circulation, relieves stress and tension and promotes relaxation.

When you arrive at the bath upon paying the entrance fee, you get a locker, its key, sheet and towel. They also have a café where you can get a bite to eat and they even have beer. You are free to lounge and enjoy television or some light reading.

Another steam bath service you can consider is Finland steam bath which is located in Quincy, Massachusetts.


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