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The Ladybug XL 2300 and Ladybug XLT 2300

The Ladybug XL 2300
and Ladybug XLT 2300

The Ladybug XL 2300

This steam cleaner is one of the most effective and eco friendly cleaning products on the market. By using super heated vapor it completely sanitizes and disinfects your home from bacteria, germs and dirt.

So what makes Ladybug steamers so much different from other steam cleaning products?

This cleaner uses vapor and not just ordinary steam. Vapor contains only 5% of water which causes it to dry almost immediately which ensures that a wet residue is not left behind. This steamer is of such high quality and performance that it can be used in both the home and business environment.

How else does this Ladybug differ from other steam cleaners?


Well, it certainly does a much better job at cleaning. Vapor particles are much smaller than the water particles in ordinary steam, it is able to penetrate cracks and tight spaces to provide deep cleaning.

Also, the temperature of vapor is much higher which also ensures a more thorough cleaning.

This steamer provides the highest level of certified disinfecting from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). It does this with its patented TANCS (Thermo Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation) system.

This technology uses a patented water treatment with nano crystals which is able to destroy bacteria and microorganisms. The use of this system allows you to clean more than a thousand times better than the traditional method of cleaning which include chemical disinfectants.

Other great features of the TANCS system are:

• It increases the life of your boiler up to 5 years

• Reduces water consumption

• It eliminates odors and decreases drying time

• It prevents scale buildup which by extension maintains heating efficiency and increases the overall life of your steam cleaner.

What do Consumers Like and Dislike?

This cleaner can be used both at home as well as commercially. It certainly lives up to the hype. Consumers report using the machine up to 8 hours daily without any problems. It is extremely convenient, easy to use, ergonomic, lightweight and very powerful. With the numerous attachments there is almost no end to the multiple ways in which you can use this cleaner!The downside is that yes, this machine is a bit on the expensive side but as one consumer put it: “It’s worth every penny!”

Technical Features:

• Boiler capacity – 2.1 liters

• Operating pressure is at 68 psi.

• 1700 Watts of power

• Weight is at 16 lbs

• The tank is made of stainless steel

• Fingertip controls

• When water levels are low, a light comes on as well as an audible signal is emitted

• It offers continuous fill which means that you can add water safely while the machine is running

• 13 different accessories

• TANCS system

• It has large wheels so that it can move easily in wooly carpets

• The hose is very flexible and offers volume control

The Ladybug 2300(XLT)

What is the difference between the Ladybug XL and the Ladybug XLT 2300?

They both basically carry the same features with a few exceptions. This steamer comes with a whopping 8 year warranty on the boiler with TANCS.

If you are buying a steam cleaner and want the security of buying a cleaner that will last you many years, then this is one of your best options. It is about $300 more than the Ladybug XL, however, the Ladybug XL comes with 3 years warranty on the boiler.

What do Consumers like about the XLT 2300?

It is certainly difficult to find any negative reviews about this cleaner. Most consumers are absolutely thrilled with the power and cleaning capability of this little red machine. Not only does it do a great job at cleaning, but it significantly increases the air quality in your home or business. In this case, cost really does equal quality.

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