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Kohler Steam Shower Review: They Offer Some of The Best Shower Parts

Kohler Steam Shower Review:

They Offer Some of The Best Shower Parts

A review of the Kohler steam shower and a look at the many components they offer including kohler generators, kohler parts etc.

The KOHLER® Company is one whose name is well known and respected throughout the world. The name “Kohler” invokes images of top of the line bathroom and kitchen products with sleek and innovative designs.

Kohler is positioned at the top of their industry and have staked claim to the luxury niche.

How have they become so successful? The reason for their worldwide success can be found in their mission statement: “to improve the level of gracious living in the lives of all who are touched by our products and services.”


The Kohler steam showers and fixtures are an amazing blend of both cutting edge technology and abstract art. They pride themselves in taking risks and being a market leader – not follower.

This company is never blasé however; they don’t forsake functionality and efficiency for beauty.

Kohler’s products are of the highest quality and function which has delighted customers for decades.

Kohler products

Kohler has prefabricated finishing’s in the steam shower category however; they do have a more prominent focus on creating the essential parts that make up showers and steam baths.

They produce many types and sizes of Kohler generators, parts and accessories which you can then use in your custom steam room or shower designs.

Unfortunately, they currently do not have any whole prefabricated steam shower units available. However, they have a wide range of glass enclosure designs, generators, control panels kits etc.

Kohler Steam Shower Doors

Kohler offers every type of shower door you can dream of but also have a very nice selection of elegantly styled pivot doors specifically made for steam showers.

The prices of these beautiful doors start around an affordable $1300 and can go up as high as around $2600 to suit any budget and taste.

The semi-framed crystal clear tempered glass uses a CleanCoat™ special treatment that repels water to make cleaning a breeze. The shower door will contain steam and has a sliding transom.

Kohler K-705825-L-SH Lattis 3/8

If you just went ‘huh?’, you will happy to learn that a ‘transom’ is basically a small window above the shower door which just add to the elegant look of it.

The framing is adjustable for easy installation and the door can be fitted to open to the right or left.

Kohler Steam Shower Generators

The generator is the most important aspect of a steam shower since it is at the very heart of it. Without an efficient and reliable generator, you would only have a shower.

Kohler is one of the best brands to purchase a steam generator from as they have decades of experience under their belt. This isn’t a company that develops generators “on the side,” it is actually their focus when it comes to steam shower parts.

When you decide to purchase a steam generator, make sure to have a plumber and electrician at hand to fix the wiring and plumbing as necessary.

If you have no experience in doing this, it is best to leave it up to the experts. The warranties on most generators become void if they’ve been tampered with by non-professionals, so do be careful!

Before deciding on a generator, the deciding factors for choosing one is of course the size and volume of your shower.

The other factor is the material your shower is made out of as different materials effect your “steam experience” differently.

The main features of these generators include:

  • Fast response technology which allows the generator to create steam in 1-3 minutes.
  • PowerClean which is an automatic cleaning feature.
  • Powerful and meant for custom built showers or prefab units.

Kohler Generators

The following are specific models and the specifications for each:

Size of room Electrical
Model Cost
Acrylic 191-340 cu. ft

Ceramic tile 126-225 cu. ft

Glass tile 96-165 cu. ft

7 KW KOHLER K-5531-NA $1,999
318 – 447 cubic feet 13 KW Kohler K-1696-NA $1,873
447 cubic feet 13KW KOHLER K-5533-NA $2,220
Use on Kohler Sonata modules only 5KW Kohler K-1695-NA $1,198
Stone: 76-135 cu. ft

Stone slab: 66-120 cu. ft.

Acrylic units: 191-340 cu. ft.

Ceramic units: 126-225 cu. ft.

Glass units: 96-165 cu. ft.

7KW KOHLER K-1657-NA $1,151
500 cubic feet maximum volume 15KW KOHLER K-1713-NA $2,438

The above specifications are for a few of the important ones but if your specifications are different don’t worry; there are many more Kohler steam shower generators that you can choose from.

You can take a closer look at Kohler Steam Shower products – available through Amazon.

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