Karcher Steam Cleaner Reviews

Karcher Steam Cleaner Reviews

This is our Karcher steam cleaner reviews. We look at various models of Karcher steam cleaners that will help you decide which one is best for you.

The brand, Karcher has come a long way and is known as being “Innovative, Competent and Reliable.”

Karcher was created by a young entrepreneur and innovator, Alfred Kärcher. Innovation has always been the driving factor behind this company and they have many great accomplishments.

Karcher is deeply involved in the preservation and cleaning of national monuments like the Statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and even the Statue of Liberty in New York.


They offer a wide range of products like pressure washers, steam cleaners, vacuums, sweepers, electric brooms, air blowers and more.

However, since this article only covers steam cleaners, we will look at Karcher’s offerings in this department.

—Karcher SC 1020

—Karcher SC 1030B

—Karcher SC 1052

—Karcher SC 1122

—Karcher SC 1402

—Karcher SC 1502

Most of the above steam cleaners can be purchased through Amazon US or Amazon (UK) and we will now look at a few of the models.

The Karcher SC 1020

The main features of this steam cleaner include that it has 1500 watts of power, 4 meter cord and can store up to 1.2 liters of water in its tank. When filled with water, it takes about 8.5 minutes to heat up and will allow you about 25-30 minutes of cleaning time.

Karcher SC 1020

The maximum steam pressure that you can get from this machine is 3.2 bars. Each Karcher steam cleaner unit comes with its own accessories which include: floor tool, detail nozzle, hand tool and a floor cleaning kit.

One of the safety features includes a child buy klonopin 2 mg order online proof lock and a safety valve.

This Karcher will cost you in the range of £398.00.

The Karcher SC 1052

This Karcher steamer is very compact, powerful and is terrific at cleaning. You can use it to clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces, showers, windows and even clothes. One of these machines will cost you around £152.

It’s features include 1300 watts of power, maximum steam pressure at 2.5 bars and weighs about 3.4 kg. The accessories and components are of high quality which includes the floor cleaning kit, integrated funnel, safety valve and lock.


This Karcher model is an excellent domestic helper as shown in the video above. It works well using only the power of steam to clean. You can clean your oven, grill, stove, tiles, windows, mattress and more.

The features include 1400 watt heater, a steam pressure of 3 bars and a boiler with a 1.2 liter capacity. The numerous accessories is what makes the Karcher steam cleaner capable of cleaning multiple surfaces. These accessories include: detail nozzle, window squeegee, 2 extension poles and floor tool.

This steamer has received a four star rating from Amazon reviewers that found this Karcher to be of top quality.

Consumers like that you get more cleaning done in less time, the Karcher is a huge time and effort saver. It is an excellent choice for replacing your mop as it will get those floors squeaky clean.

It is simple to use and beautifully designed that will leave you impressed. The small size offers great portability and ease of storage, so that shouldn’t be an issue no matter how small your living space.

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