Installing Steam Shower: Tips For Installing a Steam Shower

Installing a Steam Shower:

Tips For Installing A Steam Shower

On this page we take a look at installing steam shower and how simple the process is if you buy a prefabricated unit. Steam shower installation only becomes a bit tricky when you decide to build from scratch.

Setting up a steam shower isn’t as difficult as you think.

Whether you need to set up a prefabricated unit or a steam shower kit, it shouldn’t take you very long – from 2 hrs to a few days (if you need to purchase extra materials).

On the other hand, building a steam shower can take you much longer as you’d need to hire contractors and decide on issues like design, accessories, sizing etc.


Installing a Prefabricated Steam Shower Unit

Personally, I love prefab showers simply because of the convenience, the ease of setting it up, little to no headaches and of course, the sleek appearance of ceramic, glass and metal.

These are essentially “plug in and play” type units and don’t require the usual fussing of other installations.

If you have reasonable handy man skills, getting one of these units up and running should be no problem. Installing a steam shower can be a breeze!

If you’re worried about damaging your shower unit, don’t be. The materials used to make these units are usually fiberglass and acrylic which are easy to repair if they suffer a few scratches.

When it comes to the steam shower installation, the first thing you’d want to do is to make sure that you have enough space to fit the unit.

Clear the room and ensure the room is properly insulated to protect the rest of the house should steam escape from the unit.

Some units come with Steam Generators and others don’t. In the case that it doesn’t make sure to purchase a good generator that is suited to the size and material of your unit.

Follow the manufacturer’s specific instructions when putting together a modular unit. Check out the video below to see some guys putting together an Ariel 905 steam shower modular unit.

Once you’ve finished putting together the unit, make sure that it is entirely water and steam proof by testing it.

Remember when you install a steam shower; make sure that you plan ahead. Take measurements of doors and unit sizes to make sure that your bathroom does not become claustrophobic and that you have enough space to move around.

Installing Steam Shower: The Old Fashioned Way

If you want to build a custom steam shower then you should definitely read our tips on building steam showers. This is no fast job and you will need to hire people who are qualified to construct these rooms.

Why? Well, you don’t want to run the risk of damaging your entire house now do you? Steam and water can be very destructive if it is not sealed off properly and many precautions and building best practices have to be observed.

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