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Hotsy Steam Cleaner Review

Hotsy Steam Cleaner Review

Hotsy Steam cleaner reviews and the Hotsy legacy.

Hotsy’s history began all the way back in 1970. Before the brand “Hotsy” was invented, there was a company called Slifer Manufacturing which was marketed by Kanco Tech, who produced an early version of the steam cleaner.

The models produced did not produce steam only but rather a form of hot water steam cleaning which we now call the pressure washer

The company was started by a man called Bob Cohen who then bought over both Slifer and Kanco Tech and renamed it Hotsy which is short for “hot systems.” This company then evolved to become one of the most well known companies for high pressure cleaning equipment.


Hotsy has established itself by replacing the old models of “steam cleaners” with over 100 models of Hotsy pressure washers which come in both hot and cold water models. These automatic washers also come with their own detergents to perfectly complement them.

The Hotsy pressure washer comes in six (6) different types:

• Fuel Oil Heated and Electric Powered

• Fuel Oil Heated and Gas Powered

• Fuel Oil Heated and Diesel Powered

• Electric Heated and Electric Powered

Hotsy steam cleaner

• LP Heated and Electric Powered

• Natural Gas Heated and Electric Powered

So what makes Hotsy so great?

All of the pressure washers are certified by the ETL according to strict UL-1776 safety standards.

Each cleaner is built to superb standards where each washer has 11 different heating coils, a 5 year warranty and 7 year warranty on all of their pumps.

The commercial cleaners are built to withstand the harsh environment and demand of industrial cleaning. These machines are built tough to certainly last more than a decade.

Hotsy Steam Cleaner:
Hot Water Pressure Washer

Hotsy has a line of eighty (80) hot pressure washers which are all CSA approved. These hot water washers are great to use on oily surfaces as the heated water easily cuts through the grease.

They also carry a line of twenty five to thirty cold pressure washers.

Additionally, Hotsy has created a line of detergents to used with both hot and cold washers. The detergents contain advanced formula HCC additives which prevent the build up of scale and reduce corrosion.

All of the detergents are bio degradable which makes them safe for the environment. However, they are extremely concentrated so only a little is necessary when being used.

Hotsy has over fifty (50) different types of detergents, however, they fall under the following categories:

• Multi Use All Purpose Cleaners

• Transportation and Vehicle Cleaners

• Transportation Specialty Detergents

• Detergents for Automatic Parts Washers

• Degreasers

• Specialty Detergents

• Food and Institutional Preparation

• Kosher

Hotsy products are costly, however, you get more than your money’s worth. These machines are simply amazing and they will certainly save you a lot in the future. They definitely increase the life of floors and carpets preventing you from having to replace them.

The Common Industrial Uses of Hotsy Steam Cleaners

• Agriculture Industry: These washers can be used to clean agricultural

• Construction Industry: Hotsy’s heavy duty pressure washers are perfect for use in the construction industry where they easily clear out dirt and mud commonly found in these sites.

• Transportation Industry

• Waste Management

• Marine

• Manufacturing & many more

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