Hoover Steamvac: All About Hoover Steamvacs

Hoover Steamvac:

All About Hoover Steam vacuum cleaners

Need help choosing a Hoover SteamVac?

Welcome to the reviews of some of the best Hoover steam cleaners that will make cleaning your home a breeze.

There are many different types and models of Hoover Steam Vacuums and it can be very confusing to choose the right model for your home. Let’s have a closer look at some of the models.

Hoover SteamVac Supreme Deep Floor Cleaner

Hoover SteamVac Supreme Deep Floor Cleaner

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This Steamer is capable of steam cleaning your floors in forward as well as backward motions which allows for double the cleaning capability with the same amount of work.

It is equipped with a two tank system which allows for easy storage of dirty and clean water separately which makes clean up a breeze.

The tools of the trade include dual brushes for deep scrubbing and a SpinScrub handtool. Some consumers have said that the deep cleaning power of this Hoover Steam Vac is at the same standard and even better than that of professional steam cleaners like Stanley Steemer!

It is a much better economical value to have a professional steam cleaning business in your own home and available to you at any time in the form of this compact machine, the Hoover SteamVac Supreme Deep Floor Cleaner.

Hoover SteamVac Spinscrub Pet

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There is a lot to say about this great machine. Just some of the excellent features include five spinning brushes, called Clean Surge, which can perform at two different speeds.

Clean Surge can be used on tough stains, this cleaner comes with two water tanks i.e. one for dirty water and the other for clean water.

The hose is 8 feet in length and comes with an upholstery nozzle and pet clean up kit.

Consumers simply adore this steamer. One consumer said this:

“How do I love my Hoover SteamVac? Let me count the ways… This carpet cleaning machine is FANTASTIC.”

It does an excellent job of cleaning carpet and furniture while being fairly priced and easy to use. The one con of this machine is its weight when going up stairs.

Hoover Steam Vac Dual V F7425-900

Hoover Steam Vac Dual V F7425-900

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Steam Cleaning with this steamer is simply a joy. It is able to clean carpets, upholstery, linoleum, tile, marble and other hard floors.

It maneuvers easily and transitions well from carpet to tile.

The Dual V steam vac features 6 spinning brushes to deep clean your floors. These can be easily switched off with the flip of a switch.

There is an Auto rinse feature where the machine automatically removes the cleaning solution from the floor when pulled backwards so that there is almost no residue left behind.

There are two tanks which allow up to a gallon of water and the cleaner actually mixes the water and solution so that you don’t have to. This machine does all the work for you so you can have complete peace of mind while cleaning.

Hoover F5810 (Steamvac)

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This steamer may look small and unassuming but it definitely carries quite the cleaning punch.

It has a lot of features similar to other larger and more expensive Steam Vacs. These include five spinning brushes that can perform at high or low speed, a Clean Surge feature for stains and even a heating mechanism to dry the area.

Also, this cleaner won’t make you deaf! It has a much lower noise ratio to other steam vacuums.

It is one of the cheaper SteamVacs, so if you’re on a budget but still want the power of Hoover, then this is a great choice.

Hoover Steam Vac PowerMax
with SpinScrub F5917900

Hoover Steam Vac PowerMax with SpinScrub F5917900

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The technical details of this cleaner include a 12 Amp motor, SpinScrub brushes to clean floors and carpets, CleanSurge for stains and heavily trafficked areas.

It is excellent for cleaning pet stains and have relatively few customer complaints.

Some of those complaints state that this unit is a bit noisy but that shouldn’t be much of an issue since it boasts a lot of cleaning power. Deep cleansing detergent is included in your purchase.

Hoover Steam Vac Agility TurboPOWER F6213-900

There are many good things to say about the Hoover F6213-900. These include its great features like CleanSurge, SpinScrub brushes which are easily removable, a foldable handle and low profile hood which is also removable.

This model provides heated cleaning where heat can be directly applied to the floor which allows bacteria and allergens to be neutralized.

This is an excellent choice!

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