Home Steam Sauna: Tips To Enjoy Your Home Sauna Steam Room

Home Steam Sauna:

Tips To Enjoy Your Home Sauna Steam Room

Enjoying a sauna

A few tips and suggestions for you to enjoy your sauna or portable home steam sauna units.

You’ve already done the hard part (building or buying a sauna) and now you want to enjoy it. I really love my sauna and have put together a few tips and ideas that you can consider to get the most out of your home steam sauna room.

However, one major aspect of enjoying a sauna is to be aware of the safety tips you need to follow to ensure you have only the best experiences when using your sauna.


First we will look at some tips and ideas you can try for a better experience.

  • Shed those clothes! It’s your sauna so you should definitely feel safe and comfortable without clothes. Actually, using a sauna with clothes or a swim suit is unhygienic, less beneficial and uncomfortable. The only times you should wear clothes is if you have shy guests or are using a communal sauna where nudity is forbidden.
  • Even after you shed your clothes, if you’re like me, you’ll probably forget that you’re wearing jewelry. Please take precautions to ensure that you take off all your jewelry (especially metallic types). I personally put up a sign on the door of my sauna as a reminder. Why go through all that trouble? Well, the heat of the sauna causes jewelry to heat up which can then burn your skin. Yikes! Additionally, it can also warp the shape of them and cause permanent damage.
  • Had a stressful day? One of my favorite things to do while in my sauna is to practice a few simple breathing exercises. One simple exercise is to slowly breathe in and hold the warm steamy air in your lungs for a few seconds. Then, slowly exhale through your mouth. I usually repeat this until I feel calmer and more relaxed.
  • Before using a sauna it is advisable that you do not eat any heavy meals because it can cause you to feel upset while in the sauna. You can have a light meal before if you must. Also, you shouldn’t drink alcohol while using the sauna because you can end up becoming severely dehydrated.
  • Keeping properly hydrated is important as you are losing a lot of water from your body. Make sure to drink a lot of water before, during and after using your sauna.
  • Invite your friends/family and make a sauna party! This is only provided that your home steam sauna has enough room to fit your guests. Using saunas with friends and family has been a social event for decades … So party up!
  • After you’ve been in the sauna for a few minutes and worked up a sweat, step out of the sauna and take a cold shower for a few minutes. Then, go back into the sauna. This is extremely refreshing! Another option to having a cold shower in between sauna sessions is to simply roll around in the snow. If done with friends, it’s far more entertaining as well!
  • A final tip to enhance your relaxation is to use aromatherapy in your sauna. Fragrances such as eucalyptus, mint, lavender, citrus etc are great at enhancing your relaxation and elevating enjoyment levels.

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