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High pressure cooker, Cooking with pressure cookers

The High Pressure Cooker

Cooking with Pressure Cookers

I just love the idea of the high pressure cooker. Cooking with pressure cookers makes life sooo easy. It is fast, saves energy and the loss of nutrients through the cooking process is minimal. The additional bonus is that the taste of the foods are locked in so that everything tastes better.

What is a pressure cooker?

A high pressure cooker is basically a pot with a lid that can be sealed. When a sealed pot gets to boiling point the steam is trapped inside and builds up pressure. This pressure in the pot means higher cooking temperatures than normal and thus reduces cooking time by 50 -70%.

(This is the moment when the older type high pressure cooker would start spitting, whistling and generally making a lot of noise while seemingly getting ready to explode at any moment.)

The pressure can be measured in pound of force per square inch or PSI. You will see the PSI mentioned in recipes and the instruction manual of your specific model will explain how to use this pressure for specific foodstuffs.


The high pressure cookers of today have special build-in valves to release steam and can even be digitally programmed. The days of a pressure cooker being referred to (by my Mom) as a “spitting monster” is a thing of the past. They are much easier and safer to use today and the perfect way to cook a meal in a very short time.

Pressure Cooker Instructions and Tips

The instruction manual of your specific pressure cooker will have the basic how-to’s included, but there is always more than the basics that you will need to know.

We take a look at cooking times, the different ways to cool a cooker down, the types of containers that can be used in a cooker, safety tips and things that you’ll need to avoid.

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Pressure Cooker Times

High pressure cooker times

Cooking time in a pressure cooker is massively different from ordinary cooking on your stove top and can be reduced by as much as 50 – 70%.

I’ve compiled a general guide with cooking times for different types of foods to help your figure out how long foods need to be cooked in your pressure cooker. This is very important and will prevent under cooking or over cooking.

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The Pressure Cooker Cookbook

We take a look at some of the best pressure cooker books that are available, highlighting what is valuable but also sharing with you what their shortcoming are.

This is especially helpful for those of you that need directions on mastering a pressure cooker and tried and tested recipes that will work every time.

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What is the Best Pressure Cooker?

Let’s take a closer look at the different brands:

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