Heavy Duty Steam Cleaners: McCulloch MC-1275 and SteamFast SF-275

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaners:

Mcculloch MC-1275 and SteamFast SF-275

Heavy duty steam cleaners reviews. We compare the Mcculloch MC-1275 heavy duty steam cleaner with the SteamFast SF-275. Everything you need to know to choose a heavy duty carpet steam cleaner.

Strong arm

A heavy duty steamer is a mix between a home steam cleaner and a commercial/professional strength steamer. They are more durable, last longer and deliver more pressure than most household steam cleaners. They are great for regular use around the home as well as in the office.

A heavy duty carpet steam cleaner gets the job done and is capable of solving most, if not all of your carpet cleaning problems. There are two steamers that we will be reviewing in detail: The Mcculloch MC-1275 and SteamFast SF-275.


The Mcculloch MC-1275

The Mcculloch MC-1275 is a sturdy, canister shaped steam cleaner that has earned a 4 star rating and is quite affordable at $99 at Amazon.

A few details about this machine are: it runs on 1,500 watts of power, has a 50 oz. water capacity, 12 foot power cord, weighs 13 lbs, portable on caster wheels and has a storage compartment.

It has a light indicator which lets you know when you can start steam cleaning and you can do so for up to 1 hour per tank. It comes with several attachments which include a standard nozzle, large triangular brush, a set of several small brushes, window squeegees, wand extensions, scrub pad and a floor attachment.

One of the best things about these Mcculloch heavy duty steam cleaners is that you can use them for a wide range of cleaning purposes. You can clean your BBQ grill, detail your car or boat, clean outdoor furniture, bathroom fixtures, tiles, windows and even floors. These steamers are so effective; you will want to steam clean everything!

This model is particularly loved by customers, so it’s only fair we take a close look at what they’re saying.

The Good:

• Cleans grout and dirt/scum buildup really well

• Some have found that you can steam clean for more than 1 hour i.e. between 1-2 hours.

• Great for multi purpose cleaning and even makes quick work of cleaning toilets as the brushes clean crevices and other hard to reach areas.

• Great price. This is one of the cheapest “good” steam cleaners on the market

The Bad:

• It is a bit on the noisy side, however, most cleaning machines are.

• Don’t expect this steamer to “magically” clean. You will have to wipe off the dirt after steam cleaning an area.

Read our full review of the McCulloch here.

The next steamer we will look at is the SteamFast heavy duty steam cleaner.

The SteamFast SF-275

This SteamFast steamer is slightly cheaper than the Mcculloch at $90 and also has a four star rating. The SteamFast brand was created by the company, Top Innovations which are newcomers to the industry. Their innovation and high quality products definitely set them apart and allow them to compete with more established brands.

The features of the SF-275 include a 1,500 watt heating element, 50 oz. tank and 1 hour of cleaning time. It has a 12 foot power cord, weighs 15 lbs and has a steam ready light indicator.

The accessories included with each purchase are: medium triangular brush, utility and brass brushes, cloth cover and scrub pad. This steamer is very similar to the Mcculloch, and can be used for multi purpose uses.

So how can we help you decide? The only way: Consumer reviews!

The Good:

• Works well on tile and grout

• It is lightweight, easily portable, powerful and beautifully designed.

• Well built, durable and great value for money

• Good steam pressure at 34 psi

The Bad:

• A bit noisy

See our review of the SteamFast Steam Cleaners here.

In all, the Mcculloch and SteamFast are two steam cleaners that might as well be identical twins. The only difference remain in price and number of consumer ratings. The Mcculloch is slightly more expensive, about $9 more than the SteamFast.

Both of these steamers have great ratings, however, the Mcculloch is more popular with more five star ratings as oppose to SteamFast which has fewer five star ratings from actual customers.

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