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Handheld Steam Cleaner: Hand held Steam Cleaner Reviews

Handheld Steam Cleaner:

Hand held Steam Cleaner Reviews

Handheld steam cleaners are usually light and of course are easy to carry. These little machines are perfect for any of your light cleaning tasks like cleaning toys, the stove, windows, the refrigerator… and just about anything! These are best to use where you wouldn’t want any toxic chemicals like cleaning items in your children’s rooms or your pet’s toys.

Portable steam cleaners are definitely great for daily use and will improve the air quality in your home.

So what are the available handheld steamers on the market? For a quick list, check out these portable steam cleaners reviews

Some of the more popular ones:


SteamFast SF-226 Hand held Steam Cleaner

Handheld steam cleaning has never been easier with the SteamFast SF-226. The steamer sports a rather long triangular nose, that you will be thankful for when trying to clean those hidden corners and tight spaces.

It offers a 6 oz. tank that allows about 8 minutes of steam cleaning time. That is a short amount of time, but you do have to remember that most if not all handheld steam cleaners have this disadvantage. Mobility and the small size is traded for power and amount of cleaning time. It takes 3 minutes of prep time and its dimensions are 8.7 x 5.3 x 8.5 inches which amount to about 3 lbs.

SteamFast SF-226 Hand held Steam Cleaner

It is ideal for cleaning windows, spot cleaning and light tasks. If you’re looking for a cleaner to remove heavy stains, this is not the best buy. However, at $30.00 you certainly get value for money but don’t buy this steamer of any other hand held expecting high end performance!

SteamFast SF-226 Handheld Steam Cleaner

Haan HS-20 Deluxe Handheld Steam Cleaner

Haan HS-20 Deluxe Handheld Steam Cleaner

This cleaner performs well and can reach temperatures of over 212°F which is good for its class. It comes with a host of accessories so you can use it to clean multiple things or areas.

These accessories include a copper tipped nozzle for concentrated steam, a squeegee panel for cleaning windows, a garment attachment, MicroCham towl, funnel, extension hose and cleaning sock.

It is also outfitted with a stainless steel tank, pressure locking cap for safety, an insulated cord and it even sports a 360 degree swivel head.

This steam cleaner was definitely built to last long, its casing is sturdy and durable but considerably light weight at 2.8 lbs. It can provide up to 15 minutes of steam time with a 6 ¾ oz. tank which is almost twice that of the SteamFast SF-226. It is priced at around $58.95, which is more than the SteamFast model, but with twice the cleaning time, it is worth it.

HAAN HS-20 Deluxe Personal Handheld Steam Cleaner

Monster 1200 Heavy-Duty Handheld Steam Cleaner

This is quite the practical steam cleaner. It sports a patented Steam Blast technology that allows for full power steam cleaning right until the end. It is powered by an all natural solution which is oxygen powered, called Clean Blast.

This cleaner comes with many attachments: nozzles, brushes, squeegee and a bottle of Clean Blast. This cleaner can be bought for $27.99, however it does have quite a few mixed reviews.

Monster 1200 Heavy-Duty Handheld Steam Cleaner

Many agree that the amount of cleaning solution provided is much too little but the steamer cleans well without it.

Monster SC20 1200 Pressurized Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing System

Shark Portable Steam Pocket Handheld Steam Cleaner

This new offering by Shark advertised on Tv is capable of cleaning just about any surface in your home. At 3 lbs and dimensions of height: 10.0 “, width: 10.75, depth: 4.75 ” it is quite the compact cleaner.

However, this cleaner comes with numerous attachments: concentrator nozzle, brushes, garment steamer, extension hose, bonnet, several shapes of mop pads/ heads, steam dusting pad and more. It is easy to carry, and quite attractive!

It is a multi surface cleaning system that makes use of the various attachments to deliver the right amount of steam, at the right pressure and temperature to better clean those items. The pockets are specifically designed to effectively clean different areas – both large and small.

There are mixed reviews of this product. One of the major design downfalls is that you have to keep pressing the trigger with one hand while using the attachment with the other. So Shark’s Steam Pocket definitely loses some points in the “ease of use” category.

Shark Deluxe Portable Steam Pocket (SC650)

The good about this product is of course the wide array of attachments which definitely do the job they were made for. You can check out another Shark hand held steam cleaner if you prefer a different model.

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