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Haan Steam Mop Reviews

Haan Steam Cleaner:

The Haan Steam Mop
and Haan Steam Cleaner Reviews

The Haan steam cleaner is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to steam cleaners and cleaning appliances. In this article, we review the Haan FS 20 and the Haan MS-30 steamers.

Haan is a brand born from a young Korean housewife and her mother. Who is best person to design home appliances? The people who use them of course!

Romi Haan wanted to design easy to use products that would help homemakers in their cleaning tasks. She also wanted to use the power of steam to accomplish this, and so, Haan steam cleaners were born.

Haan is serious about their products and are known for their serious design and quality materials. All of Haan’s products are made in their own factories and not outsourced to ensure that the highest quality standards are upheld. This company and brand has grown to be widely respected in Korea and throughout the world.


They design a wide range of floor sanitizers, steam vacuums, portable steamers, multi purpose steamers and also garment steamers.

Since there are so many models, we will look at the most popular and highest rated steam cleaners and Haan steam mops.

The Haan FS 20 Steam Mop

The HAAN SI-40 Swivel Head Floor Steamer is the most popular and highest rated Haan available. Using this Haan steam cleaner, you can safely clean and sanitize all of your hard floor surfaces using only steam. This Haan steam mop emits steam at temperatures of 212°F which can kill bacteria and germs while leaving behind dry floors.

It is lightweight and very easy to use and has a 19ft extension cord. It has a low profile 360 degrees swivel head that can reach into all those hard to reach places that you used to have to clean by hand.

It has 15 steam jets from which steam is emitted and will be ready to use in a mere 20 seconds and will give you about 25 minutes of cleaning time.

Haan SI-40 Swivel Head Floor Steamer

You get 2 microfiber cleaning pads, which are super absorbent and will trap the dirt deep within its fibers, a resting pad and a carpet glider attachment. It will cost you around $99 which is well worth it as it has a four star rating.

Consumers have a lot to say about this mop:


• Provides continuous steam which does not rely on you pushing a trigger or pushing the mop forward

• Even when the tank is filled with water, it is still lightweight and easy to carry around

• Large cleaning pads – cleans a greater surface with less effort

• The low profile swivel head is very handy and works really well reaching into those ordinarily unreachable places

• The cord is 19 feet which is neither too short nor too long

• Completely green. No need to use any chemicals

• Cleans laminate floors exceptionally well

• Easy to use and easy to assemble


• Gives you only 25 minutes of cleaning time

• Customer services are not very good.

The next Haan steam cleaner we’ll be reviewing is the Haan MS-30 multipurpose steam cleaner.

The Haan MS-30 Steam Cleaner

The Haan MS-30 is one of the best multi purpose cleaners you could ask for. It is lightweight and compact which you can use to clean surfaces high and low. This includes your sink, walls, ceiling, countertops and more.

The features of this steamer:

Haan MS-30 Steam Cleaner

It heats up in 3 minutes

• You get 30 minutes of steam per tank of water

• It has a versatile extension pole

• Has 12 powerful steam jets

• On board storage for accessories

• Pressure locking safety cap

• It has a lockable trigger for continuous steam or for controlled bursts

• Accessories include a steel wool scrubber and detail brush for easy scrubbing. It also has a grout/tile scrubbing brush which makes quick work of your grout

• 20’ cord length

• 1300 Watts

Consumers liked that it works well on a wide range of hard floors including laminate, tile, travertine, bamboo and others. It is great for everyday cleaning and most customers were completely pleased with the performance of this Haan.

The pads are attached by Velcro which is a great design feature as you don’t have to fit on the pads. This is great as you won’t experience problems with shrinking or difficulties putting on the pads after washing.


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