Haan Mop

Brand: Haan Mop SI-35
Age: about 4mnths

I can't say enough good things about my Haan mop. I have a baby and busy 2 year old, 2 large dogs and must confess that I'm not the best housewife around. So, things can get hectic around my house sometimes.

The one thing that never fails me is this mop. Top of my list is that it produce high temperature steam that sanitizes floors and kills bacteria. You only become aware of the importance of killing bacteria when you have a baby crawling around on your kitchen floor.

Setting the Haan up is easy and very fast - no waiting for water to become steam. You can use it within half a minute. It is very easy to move around and I don't have to move heavy furniture around to reach everywhere.

It doesn't pick up the dogs' hair, but that is not really its job - steaming and vacuuming is different things.

The bonus is that I don't use chemicals for cleaning anymore. Better for the environment and better for our allergies. And it saves me money.

I really love it that I can use it on my carpets as well. The carpet tray makes it possible to steam carpets - it freshens my rugs up very nicely - something I didn't really expect.

Look, it is not a miracle cleaner and won't magically whisk away bad stains, but it is great for general cleaning. Going very slowly over stains will make a huge difference and will spare you a lot of elbow grease.

It is easy to use and stores nicely in my broom closet.

I would recommend it! I hope it lasts forever!

Angela Lang

Thank you for the great review Angela. I'm glad that you are getting such pleasure from your mop. For those of you reading this, you can read a full review of the Haan Steam mop here or visit Amazon to see it there.

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