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Fury Steam Cleaners Reviews: SteamPlus and Spartan Steamers

Fury Steam Cleaners Reviews:

SteamPlus and Spartan Steamers

A review of Fury steam cleaners and the two companies that produce them (SteamPlus and Spartan). The Fury steam cleaner is a commercial and industrial steam cleaner that should not be taken lightly.

There are currently two different types/ brand of Fury steamers available. The first one is marketed by a company called SteamPlus. Steamplus is a private company which has been in business for 25 years. They sell the Fury steam cleaning machine which sports the Osprey deep clean name.

This is a commercial or industrial strength cleaning machine which is capable of many heavy duty tasks. These include cleaning equipment, commercial kitchens, removing gum and graffiti. This is not a steam only cleaner as it has a chemical injection feature. You can use any cleaning agent that is suitable to the cleaning task.

The steam is heated up to 180°C which can be emitted at 8 bars of pressure. It is powered by 3600 watts and takes about 9 minutes to fully heat up. It has a stainless steel boiler and the water tank can hold up to 5 liters.


The main benefits of using this steamer include increasing the hygiene standard, lowering water usage and reducing the use of chemicals to clean. By using this high powered steam cleaning machine, you can instantly reduce labor costs by 40% while being environmentally friendly.

Fury Steam Cleaner

These Fury steam cleaners don’t leave the surfaces wet and you are guaranteed that they are instantly cleaned and sanitized without wet residues.

This is an expensive buy but truly worth it. One of the more popular uses of this steamer is to use it to clean gum from roads and buildings. The steam is so powerful that it actually dissolves the gum which is extremely efficient. This machine has proven that it can be used for the toughest jobs, and is definitely an excellent investment.

Spartan Manufacturing Corporation

As mentioned previously, there are two different types of Fury steamers on the market. The second steamer was developed by the Spartan Manufacturing Corporation.

The Spartan Manufacturing Corporation manufactures a wide range of pressure cleaners, water heaters, water waste capture systems and steam cleaners. They are one of the leaders in innovation within this field and build special OEM components. They offer a 1 year warranty on all of their products as well as the availability of replacement parts.

Fury Steam Cleaner Spartan

The Fury steam cleaner offered by Spartan is a combination of pressure washer and steam cleaner. Unlike most other steamers, this machine is propane powered which can also be used indoors. This steamer offers 3 different modes of cleaning: wet steam, cold high pressure or hot high pressure.

The main features include NEMA standard motors, stainless steel heating coil, pressure gauges, trigger system, a portable propane tank and a quick change between states (30 seconds). 

The design of the steamer allows for low maintenance and they have a compact design which allows it to move easily on 10” wheels.

There are 3 models available in the Fury line up. This includes: Fury IA, Fury IIA and the Fury IIIA. Temperatures range from 180F – 300F and pressures between 750 PSI and 1500 PSI.

Overall, these are one of the few good combinations of steam cleaners and pressure washes that you should certainly consider for use either at home or in your business.

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