Finland Steam Bath: A Review of Finland Steam Baths

Finland Steam Bath:

A Review of Finland Steam Baths

We look at the features and offerings of the Finland steam bath as well as present unbiased customer reviews.

A few facts first, these steam baths are located in Quincy Massachusetts. Their exact location is 81 Copeland Street, Quincy MA 02169 and their phone number is 617-479-5556.

Finland steam bath - Quincy

What do they offer?

They offer steam rooms and saunas of different sizes, some to fit your entire family as well as private rooms if your desire utmost privacy. They also offer a wide range of therapeutic and holistic therapies.


These include Massages, Reiki body work, Visceral Manipulation, CranioSacral therapy, Lymphatic drainage, Integrated bodywork, Animal therapy and more.

They have specially trained therapist to carry out the aforementioned services.


Well first of all, they offer walk in service which means you don’t need to make an appointment beforehand. They offer almost 0 waiting time and once you arrive in their designated hours you are guaranteed to have your steam bath even if they close.

A steam bath costs $30 per hour and if you choose to purchase one of their therapies, you only pay $20 for your steam bath. Note however that they do not accept credit card- so it’s either cash or cheque.

A Swedish massage costs $75 per hour and is perfect for easing stress and insomnia. CranioSacral and Lymphatic Therapy each costs $90 per hour.

Reiki costs $70 per hour and Integrated bodywork costs $100/ hour. Animal Body Talk costs $70 per session which is a great treat for your pet.

Finland Steam Bath is open for business on Mondays and Fridays from 5pm to 9pm. They are open on Saturday from 12 noon to 9 pm and Sunday from 8am to 12 noon. They are closed on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays as well as during the Summer Holidays.

During the summer every year, they repaint, do general maintenance and repairs so it is best to call to find out their reopening dates.

Consumer Reviews

A few words to describe Finland Steam Bath are old school, impressive, personal, private and affordable.

Most consumers were a bit put off by the bath’s location – the “sketchy” town of Quincy as well as by the dated “mom and pop” look of the place.

However, these initial impressions were just that – initial impressions. After entering and experiencing the bath’s offerings, most couldn’t stop praising the place.

The owners are charming and very happy people who do their best to make you feel welcome and at ease. The baths are cleaned religiously after every use since the cleanliness of a bath house is of extreme importance.

So no need to fear It is quite affordable and the private steam rooms are great for those who typically avoid these places because of their communal use.

It’s an excellent choice for a date; relaxing in the comfort of a steam room with your loved one is a perfect way to de-stress and bond.

A few things to remember:

• Don’t eat heavy meals before you use the steam room since it will make you feel very uncomfortable,

• Do drink a lot of water to re-hydrate yourself. If you forget to bring water, you can buy it there,

• You can take a cold shower every 10-15 minutes during your steam bath to “cool” down,

• If you feel uncomfortble, don’t push yourself! Simply exit the room and take time to recover.

• Carry a Loofah to exfoliate your skin. The steam helps to soften your skin and makes sloughing off dead skin cells much easier. This will literally transform you and you will simply glow!

You can also consider Lake Steam Bath if you’re located in Denver, Colorado.


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